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MHI Group Employees Teach a Science Class on Rockets to Students of Mihara Elementary School in Mihara, Hiroshima


On October 23, MHI Group employees conducted a science class about rockets and how they fly at Mihara Elementary School in Mihara, Hiroshima. The class was part of an ongoing program, initiated in the city in 2008 and held annually, that aims to stimulate interest in monozukuri — the traditional Japanese concept of craftsmanship — in local children and instill in them an appreciation of the appeal of science and technology.

The class began with an introduction by MHI Group employees to the products manufactured locally at the Mihara Machinery Works. This was followed by a talk by a guest speaker from the NPO Kodomo Uchu Mirai Association (KU-MA) to arouse the students' curiosity toward space and their sense of adventure. He explained the principles that enable a rocket to fly in terms the students could easily understand.

Next, the students took up the challenge of making "syringe rockets." Working in groups, the children considered what they should do to make their rocket fly higher and straighter, and they proceeded to devise various ways and enjoyed experimenting with them.

Finally, the children watched an experiment, conducted by one of the instructors, using a plastic bottle filled with water. Air was inserted into the bottle gradually, until ultimately the pressure caused the water to gush out. The children let out squeals of surprise seeing the power wielded by air.

Going forward, MHI Group will continue to convey the fun of science (and science classes!) to children through monozukuri as our way of developing the next generation and contributing to our local communities.

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