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Elementary School Students Participate in Plant Tour and Science Class at Mihara Machinery Works


On February 20, ten sixth graders from Fuka Elementary School in Mihara, Hiroshima, were invited to visit the Mihara Machinery Works to tour the plant and attend a science class. This program is aimed at conveying the enjoyment of monozukuri-the traditional Japanese concept of craftsmanship-to children who will become the next generation.

To begin, the students were shown the production line for the corrugating machines of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, Ltd. delivered to customers worldwide. Next, they observed a demonstration of how corrugated boxes are made by a box making machine. The children were truly amazed to see how quickly the machine performs printing, die-cutting, pasting and folding of corrugated sheets, resulting in cardboard boxes in just seconds.

The children next attended a science class on the theme of soft-landing a "boiled egg observation craft" on planet X, where there is no atmosphere. The class was taught by a guest speaker from the NPO Kodomo Uchu Mirai Association (KU-MA). The children were divided into groups, and each group worked together in an experiment devised to demonstrate the strength and special properties of corrugated board. Specifically, the children took up the challenge of figuring out how to wrap a boiled egg in corrugated board so that it won't break even when dropped to the ground from a height of three stories. Ultimately, every craft made by the children inputting their flexible ideas and fantastic innovations succeeded in making a soft landing. In this way, the participants experienced first-hand the technology embedded in corrugated board as well as the enjoyment of monozukuri.

Going forward, MHI Group will continue to convey the fun of science (and science classes!) to children through monozukuri as our way of developing the next generation and contributing to our local communities.

Touring the box making machine factory
Touring the box making machine factory
Working together to make a boiled egg observation craft
Working together to make a "boiled egg observation craft"
The students of Fuka Elementary School with MHI Group staff
The students of Fuka Elementary School with MHI Group staff

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