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Students from Mitaka Dai-nana Junior High School Visit the Head Office in Shinagawa


On February 1, five first-year students at Dai-nana Junior High School in Mitaka, a Tokyo suburb, visited MHI's Head Office in Shinagawa as part of a career education program. Under this program, first-year students pay a visit to a company, and then in their second year they undergo firsthand experience at an actual workplace. Through these visits, students at Dai-nana Junior High School learn what working for a particular company involves and gain an appreciation of the importance of working, providing them a prime opportunity to think about their future. The five students who visited the Head Office all came out of their personal interest in the MHI Group and its involvement in manufacturing.

To begin, the students were given an overview of the MHI Group's business operations. The students were then given an opportunity to ask questions. One inquired what points are of greatest importance for getting a job done well. Another asked whether MHI manufactures the same products in Japan and overseas. A third student wanted to know what MHI specifically does as a company engaged in environmental protection.

Next, the students were given an introduction to various MHI Group products and technologies in ”M's Square,” the second-floor showroom. In the ”Hands-on Experience” area, they experienced firsthand what kinds of technologies are used in manufacturing actual products.

The students all listened to the explanations very attentively. At the end of their visit, they were asked to respond to a questionnaire. They expressed very positive impressions of what they had experienced. ”I learned how MHI's products are supporting our everyday lives,” wrote one. Another commented, ”I want to keep studying hard, so I can get the kind of job I really want to do.” A third student expressed the strong desire to someday travel in an airplane made by MHI.

The MHI Group is committed to inspiring the future under its CSR Action Guidelines. Going forward, it will continue to provide next-generation support activities, such as science classes and internships, for a wide range of age groups, from elementary school children to graduate school students.

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