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Exhibition and Sale of Fukushima Products Held at the Shinagawa Head Office


On December 7, an exhibition and sale of products from Fukushima was held at the Head Office Building in Shinagawa, Tokyo, as part of the MHI Group's activities to support the region's recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami disaster.

Many different products were on offer.
The event was organized in cooperation with MIDETTE*, Fukushima Prefecture's "antenna shop" in central Tokyo, at a venue specially set up for the occasion. More than 30 different items were on offer, including Fukushima's highly acclaimed local sake, popular sweets, and other delectable foods.

Though the exhibition was open only during the lunch break and after regular work hours, large numbers of Group employees who work in the building thronged the venue to buy products. Some items sold out just during lunchtime, and by the end of the day nearly everything had been sold. Total sales substantially exceeded the target.

The MHI Group will continue to undertake an array of activities to support recovery in the disaster-hit region, which even now continues to suffer the effects of groundless rumors concerning the safety of its local products.

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The exhibition included many varieties of Fukushima's local sake.

Executive Vice President Kadokami was among the eager buyers.

CFO Koguchi visited during lunchtime...

The venue was packed with employees eager to buy.

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