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MHI Group Employees Participate in Local Forestry Activity in Sagamihara, Kanagawa


Since 2009 MHI's Sagamihara Machinery Works has participated as a partner in a project, undertaken by Kanagawa Prefecture, to create or improve forests around the local water sources. Each year employees have taken part in activities to protect the local forests and get close to nature as a way of raising their awareness of the importance of conserving the natural environment.

On October 27, a total of 20 new employees participated in an event to perform forestry work in the Nagatake area of Midori-ku in Sagamihara City. First, the participants were given an explanation by staff working for Kanagawa of what the prefecture is doing to safeguard its forests. Next, forestry instructors offered guidance in safety measures and taught the participants how to use the tools provided to them. Their assigned task was to perform thinning work.

After actually experiencing the work involved at the site, the employees came away with a renewed sense of the significance of forest conservation. They also deepened their understanding of the absolute need for human intervention to carry out the work necessary for protecting nature.

Going forward, the MHI Group will continue to proactively engage in local social contribution activities in line with the commitments elaborated in its CSR Action Guidelines to "care for the planet" and "create a more harmonious society."

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Working on a steep slope
Working on a steep slope
Thinning the forest.
Thinning the forest
Inspecting how the work went
Inspecting how the work went
The participating employees (in white helmets).
The participating employees (in white helmets)

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