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MHI Group Employees Serve as Volunteers at Shiki Theatre Company's 2017 "Theater of the Heart" Performances in Toyama


Since fiscal 2013, in line with its CSR Action Guidelines and its commitments to "create a more harmonious society" and "inspire the future," the MHI Group has supported the Shiki Theatre Company's "Kokoro no Gekijo" (Theater of the Heart) musical productions aimed at cultivating a richness of spirit among children of the next generation across Japan. Group employees, as well as their family members, regularly assist as volunteers at the troupe's performances near their workplaces.

On October 16 the Shiki Theatre Company gave two performances of "Children of the Storm" at Aubade Hall in Toyama. The two shows were enjoyed by a total of around 3,700 sixth graders from 65 local elementary schools. Two MHI Group employees assisted at volunteers, helping to usher the young guests to their seats.

The theme of "Children of the Storm" is "learning important life-lessons through adventure." Through the arduous experiences of the children who help each other in the storm, this original musical makes the audience realize the importance of friendship and how wonderful it is to set to a task with hope and courage. We hope that the show will remain in the hearts of children and help them become well-rounded young adults.

Going forward, the MHI Group will continue to support the Shiki Theatre Company's activities by dispatching volunteers to performances held anywhere throughout Japan. Through activities of this kind, we are strongly committed to keep actively supporting children of the next generation.

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Employee volunteers guiding children into the theater