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MHI Employees Teach Science Class on Theme of "How Do Rockets Fly?" at Yamato Elementary School in Mihara City, Hiroshima

  • On September 20, MHI employees taught a science class on the theme of "How Do Rockets Fly" at Yamato Elementary School, Mihara City
  • MHI has been holding classes at elementary schools in Mihara City every year since fiscal 2008 to foster children's interest in monozukuri - the traditional Japanese concept of craftsmanship - and the attractiveness of science and technology through building models and experiments.
The class began with an introduction to the MHI Group and the products manufactured at the Mihara Works. This was followed by an explanation by Mr. Namiki, who was invited from the nonprofit KU-MA (Kodomo, Uchu, Mirai (Children, Space, Future) Association) to give a lecture on the principles of how rockets fly and why satellites do not fall down to the earth. Next, the children made dropper rockets and carried out an experiment of actually launching them in the school gym.
Finally, the children did an experiment in which a PET bottle was filled over halfway with water and air pressure was applied. The water was then jetted out via a hose and the children cheered with amazement at the power of air.

Going forward, we will continue to convey the fun of science to children through "monozukuri" as part of our contributions to our local communities and the development and support of future generations.

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Dropper rocket launch experiment

Air pressure experiment using PET bottle

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