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MHI Group Employees Take Part in Forest Healing Event within Yadoriki Water Source Forest Activities


Sagamihara Manufacturing Works conducts activities for forestry conservation and becoming familiar with nature with the aim of raising employee awareness of conservation of the natural environment as part of the "Kanagawa Water Source Forestry Program," organized by Kanagawa Prefecture - a partner of the Works. Similar activities have been held annually since 2009.

On August 26, a total of 46 employees of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group and their families took part in a "Forest Healing Event" at Yadoriki Water Source Forest in Matsuda, Kanagawa Prefecture.
The participants took part in a program to experience the healing effects of being immersed in the forest and climbing gorges, guided by forest instructors from the Kanagawa Trust Midori Foundation. They also observed aquatic life and tried out activities such as dyeing with vegetables. Through the program, the participants were able to appreciate the significance of forest preservation while experiencing the blessings of nature.
The participants commented, "I experienced first-hand the importance of nature that is difficult to understand in everyday life," and “As well as being a valuable opportunity for my children to become familiar with nature, we parents also benefited from the healing effect of the forest's negative ions."
In October and February this fiscal year, new employees will also work on forestry activities such as thinning work at Nagatake, Midori-ku, Sagamihara.

The MHI Group will continue to proactively engage in community-based social contribution activities based on the CSR Action Guidelines "Care for the planet" and "Create a more harmonious society."

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Instructors giving an explanation to the participants

Children observing aquatic life

Participating employees and their families

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