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Science Class Held at Konan Elementary School "Let's make and fly airplanes - the MRJ "


On August 17, MHI offered a class on making and flying airplanes - paper versions of the MRJ - to fifth and sixth graders at the Konan Elementary School located near to MHI's Shinagawa Head Office Building. The class was held in cooperation with the "Konan Club" program which offers students the opportunity to participate in classes on a range of themes on a voluntary basis during their summer vacation.

The class was conducted with the cooperation of five members of DIRECTFORCE, a general incorporated association. Among the five was Norio Yamanouchi, a former employee of MHI who designed and test-piloted the YS-11, Japan's first passenger plane produced in the postwar era. Mr. Yamanouchi and his colleagues assisted the students in fabricating a model of the MRJ from pattern paper. After studying the principles of flight by observing the flow of air using a hair dryer, the students further improved their paper airplanes and then took part in a contest to compete for the longest flight distance.

Students who attended the classes offered a variety of comments. "I understood very well how planes fly." "It was a very enjoyable lesson." "I would like to take other science lessons."

Going forward, we will continue to convey the fun of science to children through "monozukuri" (the traditional Japanese concept of craftsmanship) as part of our contributions to our local communities and the development and support of future generations.

Learning how airplanes fly

Making paper airplanes

A teacher lends a hand

The children test their creations in the gym

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