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Students from Miyagi Prefecture Sendai Daini High School visit MHI


On August 8, five first year students from Miyagi Prefecture Sendai Daini High School visited the Shinagawa Head Office of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) as part of a program for students to learn by visiting actual workplaces. Since all of the students are hoping to do aviation-related jobs in the future, they visited the MHI Group due to their interest in the company as an aircraft manufacturer.

To begin, the students were escorted to the M's Square showroom on the second floor for an introduction to the products and technologies of the MHI Group, focusing on the aviation field. The students could experience what kind of technologies are used in manufacturing products in the Experience Corner.

After that, a discussion was held with MHI employees, and the students asked many questions based on their goal of finding a job in the aviation sector in the future such as, ”In your work, what do you feel is rewarding?” “Do you have any personal rules or policies regarding technology development?” “What are the obstacles to research?” and “What should I major in at university?”.

At the end of their visit, the students spoke enthusiastically about what they had gained from the experience that day. "I learned about MRJ in detail, and I gained a good idea of what it is like to work in the aviation field,” one stated. ”I want to do my best for my career path by making use of this opportunity,” commented another. ”I want to make my dreams come true and I want to be active in the world,” remarked a third student.

Since the students had the specific dream of working in aviation since they were children, as might be expected, they listened to the explanations about aviation technology eagerly from beginning to end and took notes, and this was very impressive to see.

With the MHI Group's declaration to ”Inspire the future” in its CSR Action Guidelines, the company will continue to support the development of the next generation with activities such as science classes and internships over a wide range of age groups from elementary school students to graduate students.

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Students listening to an explanation about MRJ in the M's Square showroom

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