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MHI Receives Letter of Appreciation from TABLE FOR TWO International


On August 2, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group received a Letter of Appreciation from the non-profit TABLE FOR TWO International (hereinafter referred to as TFT) for its support and cooperation last year for children in developing countries.

TFT is a Japan-based social contribution activity that aims to simultaneously solve the imbalance of obesity in developed countries and undernutrition in developing countries. The MHI Group supports this philosophy and has introduced the TFT program in locations such as its headquarters cafeteria and drinks vending machines. When employees choose a healthy meal in the cafeteria according to the TFT guidelines, 20 yen is donated to TFT per meal, and a hot meal service is delivered to African and Asian children through TFT. Also, when employees buy a healthy drink from a vending machine, part of the sales is donated to TFT.
TFT has been introduced in many companies and universities both in Japan and overseas, and the cumulative total of donated meals since the start of activities reached 51.1 million meals in April 2017. MHI has introduced the system since 2012 at the Shinagawa Building, and so far has sold about 18,000 healthy meals and about 80,000 healthy drinks.

School lunches are not only important to improve the health of the children, but also to increase school attendance rates by increasing the number of children actively going to school because of the availability of lunches. In this way, school lunches play an important role in solving the problems of developing countries. Changes have also been seen in the consciousness of parents in terms of education and nutrition, and there are some areas where children who were previously sent out to work are now allowed to go to school. At an elementary school in Banda village, Rwanda, in the sixth year of support, the children's enrollment rate reached 100%, the attendance rate improved from 73% to 97%, and the graduation rate improved significantly from 60% to 100%, demonstrating the beneficial outcomes of the efforts.
In addition to this, TFT supports a variety of new initiatives and is expanding its activities. Examples include agricultural support projects aimed at establishing vegetable gardens at schools in East Africa, and helping local people to continuously produce food with high nutritional value.

Based on its CSR Action Guidelines, the MHI Group will continue to actively participate in the TFT program as it aims to resolve issues such as undernutrition and poverty, and provide learning opportunities.
For more information about the TFT program, please visit the TFT official website.

Headquarters 16th Floor cafeteria healthy meal

MHI receives Letter of Appreciation from TFT

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