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Fourth Graders at Minami-kanon Elementary School in Hiroshima Visit the Hiroshima Machinery Works to Learn about "Monozukuri"


On January 24 and 25 MHI invited fourth graders at Minami-kanon Elementary School in Hiroshima, 141 children in all, to visit the Hiroshima Machinery Works and learn about "monozukuri" (manufacturing).

During their visit, the children were first given an overview of the Hiroshima Machinery Works and of the products manufactured at the Kan-on Plant. They then were divided into two groups and shown how compressors and turbines, core products of the Hiroshima Machinery Works, are made.

After visiting the factory, with cooperation from the NPO Kodomo Uchu Mirai Association (KU-MA) the children attended classes in which they made and conducted experiments with pinwheels and impeller wheels, to understand the principles by which compressors and turbines work. They were assisted by employees serving as instructors. At first, neither the pinwheels, which turn by the force of wind, nor the impeller wheels, which turn by use of a candle flame, turned as expected. Then the children were given advice from the employees and they made improvements with respect to balance, cutting method, etc., so that in the end, all the children in both groups were successful in making their pinwheels and impeller wheels turn.

After that, the instructors conducted an experiment with a water pistol. They introduced air into a plastic bottle containing tea and applied pressure, and after the children collectively counted down to zero, the tea passed through the hose and squirted out.

In these ways the children came to understand the basics of monozukuri, and they spoke enthusiastically of what they had gained by participating. "I learned that compressors and turbines can weigh up to 100 tons," said one. "I was really surprised to hear that a turbine turns 15,000 times a minute!" noted another. Another child commented, "I learned how the properties of air can be used in various ways," and several children came away saying they were eager to know more and more about machines.

Going forward, MHI will continue to convey the fun and appeal of monozukuri to children as part of our way of making contributions to our local communities and supporting the development of the next generation.

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After the countdown, the water pistol went into action!

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