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Employees and their Families Participate in 5th Mt. Fudekage Walk-and-Clean Event in Mihara, Hiroshima


On Saturday, March 25, a total of 25 MHI Group employees and their family members took part in a walk-and-clean event at Mt. Fudekage in Hiroshima Prefecture. The event, the fifth to date, was organized by the city of Mihara.

For MHI, participation in this activity has two aims. One is to enable employees of the Mihara Machinery Works and their family members to become familiar with Mt. Fudekage, an attractive tourist spot which overlooks the beautiful Seto Inland Sea, through a leisurely walk. The second is to gain an understanding of the problem of illegal dumping of trash along the route up the mountain and cooperate with local citizens in picking up this trash before cherry blossom season, when many people visit the site.

On the day of the event, the participants picked up trash as they walked on the road up the mountain. When they finished their task and reached the top (311m), they were rewarded with stunning views of the Seto Inland Sea from the viewing platform.

At day's end, the participating employees and their family members spoke of what they had gained from their experience. "Walking along and picking up the trash thoughtlessly tossed to the side of the road, I came to realize just how much trash there is," commented one. Another said, "By taking part together with my children, it gave them a good lesson in good manners and how to protect the environment." Another employee remarked that his awareness had grown toward the need for environmental protection and the importance of CSR activities.

The MHI Group is committed to continue maintaining close ties of communication with its local communities and striving to protect its local environments.

The MHI Group's volunteer participants

Picking up trash along the mountain road

Enjoying the view of the Seto Inland Sea

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