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Employee Volunteers Accompanied Children with Life-threatening Illnesses, and their Families, on a Memory-making 3-Day Trip to Tokyo in February


The Hospitality Guesthouse "A Dream A Day in Tokyo" is a Tokyo-based nonprofit organization engaged in the creation of enduring memories of enjoyment for children with incurable illnesses and their families. Its activities center on making the dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses and their families come true by organizing and planning trips for them, handling arrangements at the locations to be visited, and providing volunteers to give both medical care and sightseeing support. The MHI Group actively cooperates in this NPO’s activities, and on February 19-21 a total of 10 employees participated as volunteers providing support on a 3-day excursion to Tokyo.

On the first day, the destination was Yomiuri Land amusement park; on the second day, Sanrio Puroland, an indoor theme park; and on the final day, Tokyo Disneyland. To enable the children and their families to make pleasant and enjoyable memories, the volunteer employees, together with volunteers from other companies, provided valuable support by guiding the children and their families to the various attractions they wanted to ride, arranging their tickets, securing a convenient place for lunch, and taking photos to preserve the memory of this outing for the families.

At the end of the 3-day trip, the volunteer participants were enthusiastic about what they had gained from the experience. "This was an opportunity I would otherwise never experience in everyday life, and taking part with people who have a strong social awareness was very inspiring," one said. Another commented, "I learned many things by participating - like how few opportunities these families have to go out and enjoy themselves freely, how the siblings of the ill child also suffer as a result, how great the burden is on the mother, and how isolated such families often are from their local communities."

In keeping with the commitment incorporated into its CSR Action Guidelines to "create a more harmonious society," the MHI Group will continue to support the participation of its employees in volunteer activities such as these that provide meaningful opportunities for interacting directly with society.

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