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MHI Group Employees and Family Members Serve as Volunteers at Shiki Theatre Company's 2016 "Theater of the Heart" Performances in Hiroshima


Since fiscal 2013, in line with its CSR Action Guidelines and their commitments to "create a more harmonious society" and "inspire the future," the MHI Group has supported the Shiki Theatre Company's "Kokoro no Gekijo" (Theater of the Heart) musical productions aimed at cultivating a richness of spirit among children of the next generation from the Company's local communities. Group employees, as well as their family members, regularly assist as volunteers at the troupe's performances near their workplaces.

Most recently, five employees and their family members provided operational assistance at performances in the Hiroshima area: in Higashihiroshima City on November 18 and in Hiroshima itself on November 28 and 29. They ushered guests to their seats and performed other services in cooperation with members of the local boards of education and volunteers from other companies.

The Shiki Theatre Company's performances in the Hiroshima area were of "Elcos no Inori," an original musical much loved by children throughout Japan ever since it debuted in 1984. It is the story of a kindhearted robot named "Elcos." The performance on the 18th was attended by 1,174 sixth-graders from 20 schools in Higashihiroshima, while the performances in Hiroshima on the 28th and 29th were seen by 5,299 sixth-graders from 64 of that city's schools.

The participating volunteers spoke enthusiastically of what they had gained by their involvement. "When I saw how different the facial expressions of the children were before and after seeing the musical, I felt how important it is to see things with one's own eyes," one commented. Another remarked that this was the first time he realized how opportunities for children to appreciate such artistic performances are supported by many companies and volunteers. In these and other ways, volunteering provided a rare opportunity to witness the reactions of children genuinely enjoying a musical, and to understand the significance of their participation.

The MHI Group is strongly committed to continue actively supporting children of the next generation through activities of these kinds.
Volunteers ushering the children into the theater

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