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MHI Group Employees Serve as Volunteers at Shiki Theater Company's 2016 "Theater of the Heart" in Nagoya


Since fiscal 2013, in line with its CSR Action Guidelines and their commitments to "create a more harmonious society" and "inspire the future," the MHI Group has supported the Shiki Theatre Company's "Kokoro no Gekijo" (Theater of the Heart) musical productions aimed at cultivating a richness of spirit among the children of the next generation.

At "The Prince and the Pauper" performance on Tuesday, October 11 in Nagoya, four MHI Group employees and their family members provided operational assistance such as ushering guests to their seats. The performance was held twice in the morning and afternoon, and about 3,300 sixth-grade elementary school students from Nagoya City saw the show. The children actively participated in the performance, responding to calls from performers on the stage and singing together, and greatly enjoyed the show, giving high-fives and waving to the performers as they went home.

The participating volunteers commented, "I think there are some children who cannot watch musicals in the home environment, and I hope that having opportunities like this will inspire them to become interested in artistic and cultural activities." "I had a great experience that I cannot usually do at work." It was also a valuable experience to see the work of the theater company staff that cannot usually be seen.

In the years ahead, the MHI Group will continue, in many ways, to provide proactive support to children of the next generation.
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