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31 Groups are Selected to Receive Support from "2016 MHI Miyagi Fukushima Mini-Fund"


In 2016 the MHI Group again called for applications for its "MHI Miyagi Fukushima Mini-Fund" assistance program, and ultimately decided to provide support to 31 groups. The Mini-Fund was launched in 2012, in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami disaster of the previous year, as a program of financial support to activities aimed at creating close ties between residents of temporary housing or, more broadly, throughout the disaster-affected regions.

Today, five and a half years after the disaster of March 2011, needs have changed from what they were when the program started. As broader regional community building becomes a more central issue, activities now focus on making the support program function from the perspective of those in need of support. To do this, we visit the site, listen to what the people who suffered in the disaster have to say, and work closely with local NPOs.

In the program's first four years, we provided support to a total of 100 groups. Going forward, we will continue our support activities to help the people affected by the disaster live happily and find renewed strength and courage to pursue full recovery.

We will from time to time be introducing the activities of some of the groups that are receiving support this year.

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