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Employee Volunteers Accompanied Terminally Ill Children On a Memory-making Trip in Tokyo


"A Dream A Day In Tokyo," a self-styled "Hospitality Guesthouse," is an NPO that provides support for children with incurable diseases and their family members to create enjoyable and lasting memories. Its activities focus on making the dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses and their families come true. The organization plans trips for them, handles arrangements at the locations to be visited, and provides both medical and sightseeing support by volunteers.

Trips make lasting memories for both ill children and their families.
Since last year, in response to the NPO's desire to accommodate as many ill children as possible, 40 employees from the MHI Group have taken part in these volunteer activities, on four occasions.

Most recently, on April 25-26 nine employees participated in the program, accompanying the children and their family members on a trip in Tokyo. Their assistance consisted of helping the children navigate smoothly even in crowded situations, and taking photos to preserve the memory of this enjoyable outing. Most important was for the participating volunteers to make the two days an occasion of happy smiles for everyone.

The trip proved to be a very memorable and meaningful experience for the volunteers themselves. One volunteer voiced great pleasure at being able to help a sick child and his family make a dream come true. "Spending time with them just as if they were my own family, and seeing the joy and gratitude on their faces, I understood just how meaningful the NPO’s activities are." Another commented on the thrill experienced by the family members. "Seeing their joy at how their sick child was reacting during the trip, in ways unexplainable medically, was a very moving experience for me."

In keeping with the commitment incorporated into the CSR Action Guidelines to "create a more harmonious society," the MHI Group fully supports the participation of its employees in volunteer activities such as these that provide meaningful opportunities for interacting directly with various members of society.
Employee volunteers provided helpful accompaniment on a trip in Tokyo.

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