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3rd Forum Held in Myanmar to Share Tokyo's Expertise
in Municipal Solid Waste Management


On March 10 (Thu) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environmental & Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. (MHIEC), a Group company, co-sponsored a forum in Yangon, Myanmar, to share Tokyo's expertise in municipal solid waste management. The forum was the third in an ongoing series launched last year to address this issue of growing social concern in Myanmar as the country undergoes robust economic development.

The latest forum, the third in a series of four, focused on two overriding themes: waste management planning and strategy building, and the financial aspects of waste management. As previously, the venue was the Seminar Room of the Myanmar Engineering Society and the speakers were representatives of the Clean Authority of TOKYO (CAT23), with support provided by the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE).

The forum was attended by more than 230 participants. They included workers affiliated with the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC), employees in Yangon's Pollution Control and Cleansing Department, members of the Myanmar Engineering Society, and representatives of local universities and business corporations.

A summary of the forum is available online on the Nikkei Asian Review website, indicated below.

The fourth and final forum in the series will take place at a hotel in Yangon on June 10 (Thu). Its themes will be waste collection, transport and treatment, and administrative responsibility. As with the first three forums, every effort will be made to respond to the aspirations of the participants to provide Myanmar with a clean and healthy environment, as a way of contributing to the country's further development.

Going forward, the MHI Group will continue, through its business activities, to address a variety of social issues on global scale, aiming to share future value with a wide spectrum of stakeholders.

The March forum was attended by more than 230 participants.

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