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MHI Group Employees and Their Families Serve as Volunteers at "Theater of the Heart" Performance in Iwaki, Fukushima


Since fiscal 2013 the MHI Group has supported the Shiki Theatre Company's "Kokoro no Gekijo" (Theater of the Heart) musical productions as a way of cultivating a richness of spirit among the children of the next generation. This year marks the third year of our involvement in this worthy undertaking.

"Theater of the Heart" productions aim to communicate, through stage performances, some of life's key lessons, including the importance of life itself, showing kindness toward others, and the joy of trusting one another. The musicals are performed free of charge for children throughout Japan.

At the performance held on January 22 in the city of Iwaki in Fukushima Prefecture, sixteen MHI Group employees and their family members assisted as volunteers to set up and dismantle the stage and usher guests to their seats. This rare experience drew an array of responses from the participants. "I took part hoping to be able to make even a small contribution to helping out Fukushima, where my parents are from," one said. Another offered, "I will never forget the expression of excitement on the faces of the children in the audience." "I was thrilled to be there and see how the children mixed in and sang with the performers," commented another. One volunteer remarked, "I was really impressed by the professionalism exhibited by the Shiki staff in putting on such an elaborate show."

Ever since the Great East Japan Earthquake, Iwaki has suffered a shortage of human resources, and our participation as volunteers at Shiki's performance, rather than merely providing financial support, was much appreciated. Hopes were expressed that we will continue to participate in this way in the future. Very soon it will be five years since the earthquake disaster struck, and in the MHI Group we are deeply committed to continuing working side-by-side in helping the disaster region to recover.
A volunteer greeting youngsters from Iwaki
A volunteer greeting youngsters from Iwaki
Volunteers helping to prepare the stage
Volunteers helping to prepare the stage
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