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MHI Thermal Systems Launches New Remote Control Unit for Commercial Air-Conditioners in Europe
-- Stylish Exterior with Universal Operability --


・ Compact and flat structure, and black body color harmonize with the diverse interiors in Europe
・ Bluetooth® wireless technology allows setting data to be automatically and continuously sent to up to 20 remote controls from a single smartphone

new RC-ES1 remote control unit

new RC-ES1 remote control unit

Tokyo, July 3, 2024 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd. (MHI Thermal Systems), a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group, has added to its product lineup the new RC-ES1 remote control unit for commercial air-conditioners for the European market, and plans to begin sales in Europe this summer.

The RC-ES1 is a remote control for commercial air-conditioners used in stores, offices and hotels. As with the indoor unit of residential air-conditioners popular in overseas markets, the RC-ES1 features a sophisticated and elegant exterior designed by Tensa Industrial Design, an industrial design studio headquartered in Milan, Italy. Along with the exterior design, the compact and flat structure (86 mm x 86 mm x 17 mm), and black tone color of the casing blend right in with the diverse interiors in Europe. The functions available on remote control itself is simplified and it is universally designed by adopting pictogram where diverse users can understand and operate easily regardless of their nationality or ages.

The RC-ES1 adopts Bluetooth® wireless communication technology to enable operation and settings with connection of smartphone through the dedicated M-Air PRO app. The app has three modes (User, Administrator, and Service), providing a wide range of functions according to the application, such as the operation of the remote control, or saving, transferring setting data and checking inspection data for indoor units and remote controls. With all modes the input setting on app can be automatically and continuously transmitted to up to 20 remote control units within the Bluetooth® wireless connection range from a single smartphone.

Going forward, MHI Thermal Systems will continue to develop technologies and products to meet the needs of each customer, and utilizing its comprehensive technological capabilities that draw on a wide-ranging business domain, including air-conditioning, will contribute to the diverse needs of overseas markets.

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