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MHIENG Receives 2022 ENAA Engineering Commendation Awards for 3 Overseas Projects
-- High Acclaim Given to Contributions to International Cooperation and Industrial Development --


・ Awards for chemical plants and transportation system making significant cooperation to the development of the engineering industry
・ Providing Solutions for overseas engineering activities, technology enhancement and development of new engineering fields in engineering industry

Tokyo, July 20, 2022 – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering, Ltd. (MHIENG), a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group, has received 2022 Engineering Commendation Awards from the Engineering Advancement Association of Japan (ENAA) for three overseas projects. The representatives of the projects attended the awards ceremony held at the Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo on July 19.

The ENAA Engineering Commendation Awards are presented to groups (teams) or individuals whose activities have contributed significantly to the advancement of the engineering industry. MHIENG received two awards for its engineering activities in the “International Contribution” category and one “Engineering Advancement” award given for technology advances in the engineering industry, development of new engineering fields, etc.

MHIENG’s Award-Winning Projects

Manila MRT-3 Rail Line Maintenance and System Rehabilitation Project
(International Contribution Award)

This project, conducted by MHI Group (MHIENG, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Transportation and Construction Engineering, Ltd. and TES Philippines Inc.) in partnership with Sumitomo Corporation, was implemented in response to a request from the Philippine Government. It called for rehabilitation and maintenance of the Metro Rail Transit System Line 3 (MRT-3), which has suffered a decline in operating rate due to aging. The rehabilitation work consisted mainly of repair of age-deteriorated railway vehicles, power equipment, signals and communications equipment, plus rail replacement. MHI Group successfully completed the rehabilitation work within the contractual period without disruption of regular operation of the rail system. By rehabilitating the MRT-3, which functions as a major transportation in Metro Manila, this project contributed to providing a safe and comfortable social infrastructure to the people in the region. Furthermore, in addition to the rehabilitation, MHI Group is steadily implementing a subsequent maintenance service. This seamless service by continuous export of expertise helps boosting the system reliability, which was enhanced by the rehabilitation, and it was recognized as a new form of international contribution.

Overhaul of MRT-3 railway vehicles

Overhaul of MRT-3 railway vehicles

Project completion was celebrated on March 22, 2022
 in a ceremony attended by the Philippine President
 and the Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines
Project completion was celebrated on March 22, 2022 in a ceremony attended by the Philippine President and the Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines

Uzbekistan Fertilizer Plant Project
(International Contribution Award)

This project, the first large-scale Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) undertaking in Uzbekistan by a Japanese company, was large-scale ammonia and urea fertilizer production plant in the city of Navoiy, central Uzbekistan. MHIENG formed a consortium with Mitsubishi Corporation, and MHIENG was responsible for the EPC of the plant and commissioning. Project execution was an imposing task due to the difficulty of transporting the equipment to Uzbekistan, one of only two doubly landlocked countries in the world. Delivery of the new plant, which adopts today’s most advanced technologies for reducing environmental load, cut energy consumption by approximately 50%, making a significant contribution to the development of Uzbekistan’s economy and chemical industry.

Receiving a visit by the President of Uzbekistan.
He also attended the completion ceremony.

Receiving a visit by the President of Uzbekistan. He also attended the completion ceremony.

The completed fertilizer plant

The completed fertilizer plant

Large-scale Polyethylene Plant Construction Project
(Engineering Advancement Award)

This project scope was construction of one of the largest polyethylene plants, which forms part of largescale ethylene complex in Texas, USA. MHI Group formed a consortium with Zachry Group, and handled the design details, supply and procurement of equipment, and building of the modules. For cost optimization and risk management at site, this project was planned as the world’s first full modularization of the world-scale polyethylene plant and the construction was completed successfully. MHIENG also achieved the shortest delivery time, which was shorter than traditional methods. In addition, the project was completed without injury during the entire project period, garnering outstanding praise from the customer.

Ethylene complex

Ethylene complex

Module Yard in China

Module Yard in China

MHIENG will further enhance the cutting-edge environmental technologies and project management skills cultivated from its abundant experience, to provide solutions that will contribute to economic development in countries worldwide and also respond to regional needs such as improving transportation convenience. In addition, by manifesting its engineering strengths MHIENG will make solid contributions to realizing MHI Group’s goal of achieving a carbon-neutral society.

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