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Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation Announces New Operation Plan and Executive Changes for the 2020 Fiscal Year

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

June 15th, 2020 (NAGOYA, JAPAN) – Today, Mitsubishi Aircraft announced personnel changes as well as a new operational plan brought about by the significant changes in the aviation industry and the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy.

In order for Mitsubishi Aircraft to weather the current crisis, the company had to reorganize priorities and shift its focus from development to perseverance and determination. This new, harsh business environment necessitated the development of a new operating plan for this fiscal year that included resizing its organization so that Mitsubishi Aircraft may endure and emerge from this crisis.

The company’s priority will be on obtaining type certification for the SpaceJet M90. In order to maximize the efficiency of type certification flight tests in the future, this fiscal year, Mitsubishi Aircraft will focus on re-organizing, improving the current design at the aircraft-level, and validating data earned by over 3,900 hours of flight test.

To achieve the above organizational changes and operational plan, Mitsubishi Aircraft President Takaoki Niwa will continue to manage the overall business of the company. As before, Keisuke Masutani, Director of the Board, will continue to assist with corporate management, and Hiroyuki Tatsuoka, Director of the Board, will support the overall development and engineering.

With regard to aircraft design and type certification, Yasuhiko Kawaguchi, who has 35 years of design experience at MHI and Mitsubishi Aircraft and played a central role in flight tests in the United States, will be the Executive Chief Engineer.

Throughout the reorganization, the company has focused on retaining the global experience and expertise it has developed over the last few years. As for other positions in the new organization, personnel capable of playing an active role on a global basis will be assigned.

In order to contribute to the development of the aviation industry in Japan and to develop Japan's first commercial jet, Mitsubishi Aircraft will focus on certification and will continue to move forward.


Table of Changes, effective July 1, 2020(Changes in bold)

Title Name Roles
Chairman Hisakazu Mizutani -
President Takaoki Niwa -
Director of the Board Keisuke Masutani Assistant to President on Corporate Affairs
Director of the Board Hiroyuki Tatsuoka Assistant to President on Development and Engineering
Senior Vice President Yasuhiko Kawaguchi Executive Chief Engineer
Head of Engineering Division
Statutory Auditor Shoji Sato -
  • The election of the Board members, Chairman and President is subject to a resolution at a separate General Meeting of Shareholders.

< Part-time >

Title Name Roles
Director of the Board Hitoshi Kaguchi Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Statutory Auditor Hiroyoshi Kodama Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Term of Taiji Morisawa, Statutory Auditor, expires as the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders ends.

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