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Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation:
Organizational and Personnel Changes

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation
Nagoya, March 7, 2015

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation announced organizational and personnel changes effective from April 1, 2016. Information on directors and officers effective from April 1 is on page 3.

Organizational changes:

I. Quality Assurance

  1. In addition to placing safety promotion and other companywide functions under the president's direct control, the Quality Assurance Division will be subdivided into Testing and Aircraft categories, thereby establishing an optimum operational system.
  • The Quality Assurance Division will be abolished, and its functions will be divided amongst the newly established Flight Safety Management Office and Quality Assurance Office.

II. Corporate Administration

  1. While strengthening the corporate planning function for three locations straddling Japan and the United States, we will utilize the shared services of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to transfer some of the functions of corporate administration and thereby streamline them.
  • The Corporate Administration Division will be abolished, and its functions transferred to a newly established Corporate Planning Office.
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ shared services will be utilized for Human Resources, IT, Finance and Corporate Communications functions.

III. Engineering

  1. In advance of full-fledged flight test operations, the Moses-Lake Flight Test Center will be newly established under Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation America, Inc. Mitsubishi Aircraft’s headquarters, and the Moses-Lake Flight Test Center and the Seattle Engineering Center will form a three-hub system in Japan and the U.S.
  2. In light of the shift into the flight-testing phase, department functions will be readjusted and clarified:
  • The Engineering Division will be restructured from four departments and one office into three departments and one office.
  • The Engineering Administration Department and the Product Assurance Department will be abolished.
  • The functions of the Aircraft Integration Department will be divided up among the MRJ70 Project Office, the Aircraft Integration Department and the System Design Department (all of which are to be newly established).
  • The Airframe Integration Department will be renamed the “Airframe Design Department.”
  • The Flight Test Management Office will be separated from the Engineering Division and placed under direct control of the president.

IV. Customer Support

  1. We will further optimize our customer support system by eliminating departments to create a more horizontal organizational structure and achieve more unified operations to share expertise and enable rapid decision-making.
  • The Project Management Department and Maintenance & Flight Operations Support Department will be abolished.

V. Other changes

  1. The Coordination Office of Airworthiness will be abolished, and its functions will be divided between the Office of Aviation Regulatory Affairs and Coordination Office of Airworthiness (both of which are to be newly established).
  2. The Project Management Division will be abolished, and its functions will be divided between the Coordination Office of Airworthiness and Project Management Office (both of which are to be newly established).
Personnel changes (directors and officers):

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