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Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation to conduct MRJ Flights Tests
Based at Moses Lake, Washington in the United States

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation
Farnborough, Hampshire, England, July 14, 2014 –

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation is pleased to announce that in addition to flight tests in Japan, Mitsubishi Regional Jet flight testing will also be conducted at the Grant County International Airport at Moses Lake, Washington in the United States. For this purpose, Mitsubishi Aircraft concluded an LOI (Letter of Intent) with Aerospace Testing Engineering & Certification L.L.C. (AeroTEC), which has expertise in flight testing. Preparations will commence for the flight tests slated to begin at Moses Lake in fall 2015.

Mitsubishi Aircraft has selected the Grant County International Airport at Moses Lake as its flight test center in US, due to the large aerospace industry cluster located in Washington State. Additionally, the airport satisfies all major requirements as a flight test center, including long runways necessary for specific flight tests, flexibility for take-offs/landings due to no regular transport services, and greater chance of fair weather.

AeroTEC is an engineering company based at Seattle and Moses Lake. Mitsubishi Aircraft signed a Professional Service Agreement with AeroTEC in 2011, which provides the flight test planning support, consultation and advice. Both companies will cooperate to conduct the flight tests under the LOI.

“For nearly 100 years, Washington State has been the place where the world’s best commercial airplanes take their earliest flights,” said Washington Governor Jay Inslee. “I am pleased that Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation is partnering with AeroTEC and add the MRJ to our state’s legacy of aerospace leadership. It will be an honor to have this airplane, one that promises significant reductions in fuel usage, noise and emissions, prove its safety and value to the market in our state. It also further solidifies the long standing economic and cultural relationship Washington has enjoyed with the nation of Japan. I congratulate Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, AeroTEC, and the Port of Moses Lake on their partnership. I cannot wait to see the MRJ flying over Washington."

Mitsubishi Aircraft is fully committed to realize the best solution for the next generation regional jet: MRJ will enhance airline competitiveness and profitability with the highest standards for aircraft safety.

About MRJ

Mitsubishi Regional Jet is a family of 70~90-seat next-generation aircraft featuring the Pratt & Whitney’s revolutionary PurePower® engine and stateof-the-art aerodynamics to drastically reduce fuel consumption, noise, and emissions, while offering top-class operational benefits, an outstanding cabin designed for heightened passenger flying comfort, and large overhead bins.

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