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MHI Selects 5 Partner Suppliers to Provide Major Systems for MRJ
-- A Significant Step toward the Realization of MRJ Program Launch --


Tokyo, February 14, 2008 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has selected five companies as partner suppliers to provide major systems for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ), a next-generation regional aircraft. After formal decision of authorization to offer (ATO) in October 2007, MHI has been conducting full-scale marketing activities of the advanced regional jet to potential customer airlines worldwide. The selection of the partner suppliers announced today is another significant step forward toward the formal decision on the MRJ program launch currently scheduled for this spring.

The five partner suppliers announced today - three U.S. and two Japanese companies - and the systems they will provide are:

- Parker Aerospace (head office in California and Hydraulic Systems Division in Michigan): Hydraulic system
- Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation (head office in Connecticut and Aerospace Div. in Illinois): Electrical power system, air management system, auxiliary power unit, inert gas system, high lift actuation system, and fire & overheat protection system
- Rockwell Collins (head office in Iowa): Flight control system
- Nabtesco Corporation (head office in Tokyo): Flight control system
- Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd. (head office in Hyogo): Landing gear

As MHI has already announced the selection of Pratt & Whitney's next-generation Geared Turbofan™ (GTF) engines, and Rockwell Collins for the avionics system, the latest announcement represents that suppliers for all major systems for the aircraft have been decided.

Parker Aerospace is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and service of hydraulic, fuel, flight control, and pneumatic systems and components for aerospace and other high-technology markets. Its products are used on aircraft manufactured throughout the world today, including commercial transports, military fixed-wing planes, regional and business aircraft, helicopters, missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles. It is an operating group of Parker Hannifin Corporation, a manufacturer of motion and control technologies.

Parker's Hydraulic Systems Division is a leader in the design and manufacture of hydraulic aircraft systems, and has been responsible for the type approval certification of such systems for nine commercial aircraft since the 1990s.

Hamilton Sundstrand is one of the largest suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and industrial systems. The company, an affiliate of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), has a long history and vast experience in advanced power and control systems for a wide variety of commercial and military aircraft. Pratt & Whitney, the partner for the MRJ engines, is also a United Technologies Company.

Rockwell Collins, which has more than 70 years' history in aviation electronics, will provide the flight control system for the MRJ together with Nabtesco. Rockwell Collins will provide the primary flight control computer (PFCC) while Nabtesco will provide the flight control actuators.

Nabtesco is the Japan's leading manufacturer of flight control actuators, which control attitude of flight. The company is also the leader in the export of the product from Japan and one of the world's leading manufacturers of this kind.

Sumitomo Precision Products has nearly half a century history in design, development and manufacture of landing gears and has participated in nearly all development activities of Japanese aircrafts. Based on its experiences, the company recently began to participate in foreign commercial aircraft development activities and has become one of world's landing gear manufacturers, as a company capable to independently design, develop and manufacture landing gears for mid-size aircrafts.

MHI's MRJ is a 70-90 seat class regional jet currently being developed with cutting-edge technology that will enable dual achievement of top-class operational economy and outstanding cabin comfort. The aircraft will be the first regional jet to adopt composite materials for its airframe on significant scale. In combination with the new engines and advanced aerodynamic design, the MRJ is being planned to substantially reduce fuel consumption and greatly contribute to enhanced competitiveness and lower operating costs for the airline companies. By incorporating today's most advanced design methods, elemental technologies, materials and processing methods, the MRJ will also provide outstanding cabin comfort while reducing environmental burdens.

MHI, at the same time playing an ongoing important role in the development of Japan's aerospace industry, will make whole company's efforts together to vigorously promote various activities toward the MRJ program launch.

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