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MHI Receives Order for Up to Six Gas Turbines and Long-term Services
From Georgia Power of the United States


Tokyo, January 16, 2008 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has received an order from Georgia Power of the U.S. to supply up to six M501G gas turbines to be installed at the company's Jack McDonough power plant in Smyrna, Georgia. The gas turbines on order will serve as the core of three new gas-turbine combined cycle (GTCC) power islands, offering a total of 2,520 megawatts (MW) of generation capacity.

The gas turbines have been ordered through Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas, Inc. (MPSA), the business base for MHI's power system operations in the U.S. Each GTCC power island will have 840 MW of capacity and consist of two gas turbines, two heat recovery steam generators and one steam turbine. The first and the second GTCC unit are slated to go on-line in February and June 2011, respectively. Current plans call for the third unit to be operational in June 2012, using two optional gas turbines. In addition to gas turbine manufacture and supply, the contract also includes support of Plant McDonough's site staff to coordinate installation and commission of the gas turbines, controls and associate components.

Under a separate long-term service agreement, MPSA will provide comprehensive gas turbine maintenance, repair and outage services as well as replacement parts supply for the three 840 MW GTCC power blocks.

The M501G is one of the most efficient and largest-capacity - 60 Hz (hertz) - gas turbines in the world, and it enables extremely high temperatures at the turbine inlet of up to 1,500°C (2,732°F). MHI has achieved large power generation capacity and outstanding efficiency in the G-series by melding the latest advances in aerodynamics, cooling design and material technologies with its technological expertise accumulated through its D- and F-series. The G-series features a steam-cooled combustor and reduced emissions of NOx (nitrogen oxide). To date, MHI has received orders for more than 40 units of the M501G from within Japan and abroad.

With GTCC type power generation, gas and steam turbines are used in combination to generate electricity in two stages, utilizing high-temperature exhaust gas from the gas turbine. This configuration enables GTCC power plants to achieve approximately 20% higher thermal efficiency than non-GTCC plants such as conventional boiler steam turbine plants. As GTCC power plants largely contribute to energy conservation and are more environmentally friendly, demand for GTCC power plants is expected to expand further. Given today's need to reduce fuel costs to counter surging gas prices, going forward MHI intends to aggressively market its G-type gas turbines as one of the world's most efficient and highest-capacity gas turbines for power generation applications.


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