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MHI Holds Welcoming Ceremony For New Employees in 2018
-- President Miyanaga Offers Advice and Encouragement --


Tokyo, April 2, 2018 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) held a ceremony this morning at Shinagawa Intercity Hall in Tokyo to formally welcome the employees joining the company this year. MHI President and CEO Shunichi Miyanaga offered words of encouragement to the new recruits-the majority of whom are recent graduates just starting their careers-as both the head of one of Japan's leading manufacturing companies, and as a person with deep experience in business and society. He indicated how they should prepare themselves to be MHI employees, and expressed his high hopes and expectations for their future achievements.

MHI's history of embracing challenges
President Miyanaga began by presenting an overview of MHI, including its origins in 1870 with the founding of Tsukumo Shokai by Yataro Iwasaki, and the start of full-scale operations in 1884 with the establishment of the Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works. He noted how MHI, as a global conglomerate comprising around 270 companies worldwide, has contributed over the last 134 years to the development and manufacture of a wide range of products, many of them firsts in Japan or global markets, by continually embracing challenges with courage and expertise without fear of making mistakes. Mr. Miyanaga cited as an example the forthcoming launch of the MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet), Japan's first passenger jet developed with great effort through the concerted efforts of the entire MHI Group. He noted how such a project has been a longstanding aspiration for both the MHI Group and Japan's aerospace industry, and that this ambition is now steadily becoming a reality. He urged the recruits also embrace new challenges in their own way.

Pursuing strategies unconstrained by convention, and a shift to emphasizing cash flow
The president stated that the MHI Group is pursuing new strategies and initiatives outside its conventional framework in order to accelerate global expansion, and achieve a business scale of more than five trillion yen. He described the company's program of selection and concentration, including the reorganization into three domains (Power Systems, Industry & Infrastructure, and Aircraft, Defense & Space) aimed at taking advantage of the group's collective strengths to provide high value-added solutions to meet the current era.
Mr. Miyanaga also explained MHI's shift to management emphasizing earnings improvement and cash flow, describing it as an "offense and defense" strategy to hedge against risk and support expanded investment in new businesses. He pointed out that fiscal 2018 is the first year of MHI's new three-year business plan, and that under the more offense-oriented organization established through the range of structural reforms, the company is implementing measures to advance to a higher stage for sustainable growth. He urged the new employees to join in combining their strengths, and working together as a group to advance steadily forward.

MHI's values – the group tagline and principles for employees (principles)
President Miyanaga noted that in 2016 MHI formulated a new tagline, "Move the World Forward," for all employees within the MHI Group. He explained that this phrase incorporated the spirit of all employees striving alongside customers and communities around the globe to drive the world forward and develop a sustainable society.

The president also introduced the new employees to MHI's three principles, the three principles to which all MHI employees should adhere, and explained each in more detail.

  • 1.We deliver reliable and innovative solutions that make a lasting difference to customers and communities worldwide.

    Mr. Miyanaga explained that responding to customer needs and contributing to social progress is something in which all MHI employees should take pride, and gain fulfillment.

  • 2.We act with integrity and fairness, always respecting others.

    The president emphasized MHI's commitment to greater transparency in business operations, strict compliance, and proactively fulfilling its social responsibilities.

  • 3.We constantly strive for excellence in our operations and technology, building on a wide global outlook and deep local insights.

    President Miyanaga stressed that sustainable growth requires advancement in the natural and social sciences, remaining constantly aware of technological progress, and continually striving for a high level while incorporating thinking and new technologies from around the world.

Mr. Miyanaga also noted that on the occasion of MHI's 130th anniversary in 2014, the company adopted the goal of "active participation of women and greater diversity in the workplace," seeking to ensure that all employees can work in a climate of fairness and diversity, regardless of such factors as gender or nationality.

Preparing to take up their new jobs
In conclusion, the president offered three pieces of advice to the new employees on preparing themselves for their jobs.
The first was to be employees and members of society recognized by the world as worthy of respect. Mr. Miyanaga told them that this was developed through a foundation of a strong character and kindness to others, having a sense of responsibility and passion toward their work, and always being attentive to customers and colleagues. He also urged them to learn the international language of English.

Second, Mr. Miyanaga encouraged the new recruits to develop professional capabilities in the areas where they excel. He said that having a thorough understanding of their work and conducting it with care and attention is good training, and that even as their work becomes more involved, broad, and complex, they will gain experience. He advised them to not focus solely on acquiring specialized knowledge, but to enhance their ability to work well with others, and become trusted, respected professionals.

Lastly, Mr. Miyanaga reminded the new recruits to take care of their physical and mental health, saying that good health is the foundation of life, and encouraging them to strive for well-balanced professional lives.

President Shunichi Miyanaga welcomes new employees at the ceremony.