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MHI Thermal Systems to Launch 17 Room Air-Conditioner Models in Three New Series
-- All Models Deliver Outstanding Performance and Provide Optimal Ambient Comfort to Match Lifestyle Needs --


Tokyo, February 21, 2017 - Starting in late March Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd., a Group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), will progressively launch three new series of air-conditioners for residential use, 17 models in all, into the Japanese market. The top-of-the-line SV Series will consist of 6 models featuring an outstanding annual performance factor (APF), which translates to superlative energy efficiency; the functionally advanced RV Series will include 5 models all equipped with automatic filter cleaning; and the standard TV Series will incorporate 6 models.

SV Series Indoor Unit
All models in all three series equipped with MHI Thermal Systems' "JET" and "WARP" operating modes. JET delivers a powerful, especially large airflow, while WARP enables rapid cooling or heating. An "Automatic Airflow" function is also provided that automatically controls airflow volume and direction to achieve a uniform temperature efficiently throughout a room.

The SV Series models are equipped with a motion sensor function that detects the level of ambient human movement and automatically controls the room temperature accordingly. When the sensor detects that no one is present, the unit reduces output to prevent unnecessary cooling or heating. When the room remains empty for a long period, operation stops automatically; then when someone reenters the room, the unit resumes operation. In these various ways the SV Series models help to save energy.

The SV Series air-conditioners can also be used in tandem with the 3 models in the SHK Series of hybrid evaporative warm-mist humidifiers marketed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning & Thermal Systems Corporation, another MHI Group company. The humidifier starts or stops operating automatically in accordance with signals it receives from the air-conditioner, based on information detected by the air-conditioner's humidity sensor.

All eleven models in the RV and TV Series feature an outdoor unit of compact dimensions (H540×W645×D275 mm) and light weight. Together these features greatly facilitate installation work and also result in significant space saving savings.

With its lineup of 17 models in three new series, MHI Thermal Systems will be ideally positioned to respond to a wide range of users' air-conditioning needs.

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