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Hideaki Omiya,Chairman of the Board,Receives Prime Minister's Award
-- Fiscal 2016 “Commendation for Efforts Toward the Formation of a Gender-Equal Society” --


Tokyo, June 28, 2016 - Hideaki Omiya, Chairman of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ (MHI) Board of Directors, received the Fiscal 2016 Prime Minister’s “Commendation for Efforts Toward the Formation of a Gender-Equal Society Award” organized by the Cabinet Office Gender Equality Bureau on June 27. The award was in recognition of Mr. Omiya's activities in corporate management and the business world, and his contribution to promoting the success of women.

Back then as President and now as Chairman of MHI, Mr. Omiya has worked to promote the success of women in the company, such as by expanding of the number of female employees hired, improving telework systems, and establishing in-house nurseries. These efforts have been part of the creation of a corporate culture of mutual understanding and respect for diversity. In addition, as Vice-chairman of the Keidanren Japan Business Federation, Mr. Omiya organized an “Action Plan on Women’s Active Participation in the Work Force” and also worked on the “Declaration on Action by A Group of Male Leaders Who Will Create a Society in which Women Shine”.

The award, which began in 1997, recognizes individuals who have made remarkable achievements in the formation of a gender-equal society over many years. In addition to honoring their achievements, the award aims to further enhance the public’s interest in the formation of a gender-equal society, thereby contributing to its realization. It began as an award given by the Chief Cabinet Secretary, and has been awarded by the Prime Minister since fiscal 2008.

The MHI Group will continue to accelerate its global expansion and expand its business scale, making a leap to a five trillion yen highly profitable business. In order to achieve this, the Group will create systems and a corporate culture where diverse human resources can thrive.