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MHI Develops "EXCEEDHYPER" Series of Ultra-high-efficiency Packaged Air-conditioners
-- First Models to be Launched Simultaneously with New "RC-DX3" Eco-touch Remote Control Unit Offering Advanced Functions --



Tokyo, February 22, 2016 - Starting in May, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) will progressively launch models in its newly developed "EXCEEDHYPER" series of packaged air-conditioners. The new offerings, positioned as MHI's flagship models, deliver the industry's highest level of energy efficiency. For enhanced environmental compatibility, the new models, which are in the 3-6 horsepower (HP) range, adopt the R32 refrigerant1. A new "RC-DX3" eco-touch remote control unit will be simultaneously introduced, offering enhanced readability, operating ease and more advanced functions than the earlier model.

Within the EXCEEDHYPER lineup, the "FDT Series" are indoor ceiling-mounted units with 4-way air outlets. Adoption of the industry's first "AirFlex" panels2. enables the FDT models to simultaneously achieve outstanding performance and comfort. While providing the designated airflow volume, the new panels suppress the unpleasant draftiness typically felt when air blows directly on a person, during either cooling or heating. The FDT Series room units are also equipped with a new sensor function that detects human movement and automatically controls the temperature setting. This new function prevents excessive cooling or heating, automatically shuts down when no one is present, and automatically starts up again when the person returns. Together these capabilities help save on power consumption.

New changes have also been made to the "eco-touch" remote control unit, the first of its kind to feature a touch panel. The newly upgraded units adopt a new, brighter liquid-crystal touch panel, and a power consumption display feature has been added that enables the user to ascertain how much energy has been consumed, i.e. saved. These and many other new functions have been added in response to users' demands.

Going forward, MHI will continue to vigorously pursue the development of products meeting the market's need for outstanding energy efficiency and operating ease, aiming for robust expansion of its business in air-conditioning equipment, including air-conditioner units for shops and offices as well as air-conditioning systems for large buildings.


1.The R32 refrigerant features only about one-third the global warning potential (GWP) of the earlier R410A. Source: "Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report" (AR4), according to which the 100-year GWP values (CO2 = 1) of R32 and R410A were respectively 675 and 2090.

2.These innovative panels have the ability to change the path of air emitted from the louvers toward the ceiling and in the horizontal direction.

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