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MHI Strengthens Business Promotion Structure in Europe, Middle East and Africa Regions
-- Chief Regional Officer for These Regions Newly Appointed to Serve Simultaneously as President of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries France --


Tokyo, September 29, 2015 - Effective October 1, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has appointed Senior Vice President Yoshihiro Shiraiwa to serve as president of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries France S.A.S. (MHIF), a wholly owned subsidiary based in Paris, marking the start of a new structure for MHI's operations. Simultaneously Mr. Shiraiwa will take up the newly established post of Chief Regional Officer, Europe, Middle East and Africa with the aim of strengthening MHI's structure for promoting business in those regions.

This enhancement of MHI's business structure is being pursued for two overarching reasons: an expansion of MHI's business in continental Europe, and the presence of numerous leading business partners in France.

Paris-based MHIF functions as the nucleus of MHI's group-related business promotion throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Its business support duties include proposal and execution of business strategies, sales support, and coordination between MHI's group companies within those regions. It also conducts the MHI Group's various businesses such as nuclear power. Going forward MHIF is expected to mark further expansion in its business scope.

The Chief Regional Officer, Europe, Middle East and Africa determines how operations in those regions should be managed. Specifically, the Chief Regional Officer's duties include proposing regional strategies, taking steps to strengthen relationships with the government institutions and important customers in each country, and promoting enhanced sales strength through groupwide business tieups.

Going forward the MHI Group intends to continue strengthening its presence in the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions and to vigorously pursue development of new markets.