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MHI to Collaborate with Sugiyama Mecharetro in Remodeling of Large-scale Machine Tools
-- New Arrangement Will Enhance Total Solutions Business --


Tokyo, August 3, 2015 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has concluded an agreement, and signed a memorandum, with Sugiyama Mecharetro Inc. on collaboration in the machine modification of large machines. By combining the two companies' respective strengths - MHI's response capability in terms of technology and quality cultivated through its business in large machines, and Sugiyama Mecharetro's cost competitiveness achieved through its robust track record in machine modification - the aim is to generate a broad array of new untapped market needs.

Initially the collaborative operations will target users in Japan. Applying the areas in which the two partners respectively excel, services will encompass all aspects of machine modification, including overhauling and retrofitting*.

MHI will primarily contribute in terms of specialized technology and quality control knowhow as a machine tool manufacturer possessing expertise accumulated in all types of large machines, including double-column 5-face milling machines and horizontal boring mills. Sugiyama Mecharetro will mostly take charge of the actual modification work applying its abundant expertise and technologies cultivated over its many years of operation in repair and modification - capabilities enabling the company to respond stably to modification jobs that are too difficult for other firms to handle.

Sugiyama Mecharetro, based in Motosu-City, Gifu Prefecture, was established in 1945. Since its founding the company has performed overhauling and retrofitting of machine tools, its unique knowhow extending even to remodeling of highly superannuated machines and machines of foreign origin. In addition Sugiyama Mecharetro undertakes the design and manufacture not only of machining tools – machining centers, turning mill and grinding machines, etc. – but also rocket component machining systems as well as dedicated machines for a broad range of manufacturing industries, including aviation and aerospace, automotive and nuclear power.

Taking the opportunity of new collaborative relationship with Sugiyama Mecharetro, MHI looks to further strengthen its business in total solutions, pursuing differentiation by offering solutions that will make use of its knowhow as a machine tool manufacturer having strengths in engineering, machining technologies and tooling technologies, to meet newly created demand for diverse manufacturing systems.

* Overhauling refers to mechanical modifications and repairs that restore, and in some instances, enhance, a machine's functions, performance, productivity, quality, maintainability, etc. Retrofitting involves the replacement and repair of NCs and other control devices in order to improve functions, performance, productivity, quality, maintainability, etc.

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