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MHI Receives Order for 80 Large-scale Centrifugal Chillers, with Combined 200,000 Refrigeration Tons Cooling Capacity from Saudi Arabia


Tokyo, July 23, 2015 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has received an order for 80 units of its large-scale centrifugal chillers for the district cooling plant of the urban development project in Medina (Madinah), Saudi Arabia. The 80 units will provide combined 200,000 refrigeration tons* cooling capacity to the district cooling plant which will supply chilled water to an area of 1.6million square meters (m2), and this is MHI's largest order of this kinds to date. MHI's centrifugal chillers were evaluated for its industry-leading efficiency and environmental performance, and deliveries of them are schedule to commence in the autumn 2015.

MHI provides 80 units AART-270I variable speed drive (VSD) chiller, which achieves high-efficiency operation by optimally responding to the required cooling load and ambient temperature. Aforesaid efficient operation is made possible by VSD performing meticulous compressor speed control and related devices, and these distinctive mechanical features are especially effective for significant energy-saving under low ambient condition during the night operation. For further reduction of energy consumption, two chillers will be connected and controlled in tandem condition which can provide 5,000 refrigeration tons cooling capacity as a couple.

MHI will supply ordered chillers through Zamil Central Air Conditioners Co. Ltd., a constituent of Zamil Air Conditioner Co., the largest supplier of air conditioners in Saudi Arabia, founded in 1974 as an affiliate company of the Zamil Group, a major Saudi Arabian corporate conglomerate engaged in a wide range of business, including manufacture and marketing of air conditioning systems. Zamil Central Air Conditioners was established by Zamil Air Conditioners in 2009 as an entity dedicated to commercial and industrial use air conditioning systems, and treating MHI chillers since 2011.

Medina is located inland from the Red Sea coast and famous for its 10 million visitors in a year. MHI centrifugal chillers will help to provide more comfortable air conditioning environment to the large space where vast number of visitors gathering.

MHI is largest centrifugal chiller manufacturer in Japan, and larger number, exceeding total 3000 units, of its chillers have been supplied for district cooling, industrial plant, and other application use in Japan and other countries. In the wake of this latest large order from Saudi Arabia, MHI aims to promote its solution even more than before in Middle East area.

Note:One refrigeration ton represents the capacity to turn 2,000 lb of 0°C water into 0°C ice in 24 hours. 1 RT = 3,024 Kcal/hr.

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