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MHI's 1,700 MWe Large-size EU-APWR Receives EUR Certification
-- Complementing Earlier Approval of Mid-size ATMEA1 --


Tokyo, October 27, 2014 - On October 23 (GMT) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) was awarded a certificate of compliance to the European Utility Requirements (EUR) for its Generation 3+ EU-APWR, an advanced pressurized water reactor featuring one of the world's largest generating capacities: 1,700 MWe (megawatts electrical). The EU-APWR is the first reactor of Japanese design to have successfully demonstrated compliance to the EUR, a set of requirements created by the major European electrical utilities. Receipt of the certificate of compliance sets a solid foundation for MHI's entry into the European market for large-size reactors.

The EUR is a set of approximately 5,000 requirements, organized into 20 chapters, compiled by 16 European nuclear-reliant power providers based on their collective experience and the specific regulatory demands of their respective countries. Assessment of MHI's application concerning the EU-APWR got under way in October 2012, based on documentation submitted by MHI that included some 70 basic design documents and approximately 200 supplementary explanatory documents. After two years of examination, the panel evaluated that with regards to safety, operating performance and other key criteria, the EU-APWR is highly acceptable to the European market.

The EU-APWR design is conceptually based on the 1,538 MWe 4 loop plant design slated for construction in Japan, with modifications to comply with European regulations and customer requirements. Compared to conventional pressurized water reactors, the EU-APWR has been engineered for greater scale and larger generating capacity. It achieves the world's highest level of thermal efficiency plus significant improvements in operating economy and safety, the collective result of new automated safety systems and innovative design enhancements.

MHI also offers ATMEA1, a Generation 3+ 1,100 MWe reactor. Developed by ATMEA, a joint venture between MHI and AREVA of France, ATMEA1 has already been found compliant, in terms of satisfying safety and technological demands, by the French and Canadian nuclear regulatory authorities (ASN and CNSC, respectively). Now, with EUR certification for the EU-APWR, MHI is in a prime position to offer the European market both its large-size EU-APWR and its mid-size ATMEA1.

MHI today has a fully integrated business structure encompassing all aspects from reactor design and manufacture to after-sale servicing. In the domestic market, the company has a robust track record of 24 completed plants. With acquisition of EUR certification, MHI will further ramp up its marketing initiatives for both the EU-APWR and ATMEA1, reactors recognized as offering the highest levels of safety and operating performance in their respective classes.

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