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MHI to Establish New Global Business Innovation Department, etc.
To Strengthen Business Competitiveness in Home and Global Markets


Tokyo, September 4, 2014 - Effective October 1, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) will implement changes to its Technology & Innovation Headquarters and Global Business Planning & Operations Headquarters. Topping the list of changes is the establishment of a new "Global Business Innovation Department" integrating the functions of the two headquarters. The organizational revamp is aimed at strengthening the business competitiveness of the MHI Group by reinforcing the intelligence functions and through enhancing support to business expansion and risk management.

The new Global Business Innovation Department will integrate the analytic function of the market/technology needs belonging to the Technology & Innovation Headquarters' Business Process Innovation Department and the region-specific needs survey functions of the Global Business Planning & Operations Headquarters' International Business Promotion Department. The new entity will support the creation of business plans and technology development plans through the development of diverse strategies and ideas for expanding and strengthening business. This organizational change is being taken in reflection of the growing importance of a) continuously studying changes in the business environment, technology trends, and the social trends and market/technology needs specific to regions around the globe, and b) of analyzing the MHI Group's market opportunities and risks. These capabilities are deemed necessary for the MHI Group to grow into a truly global corporation.

In tandem with the foregoing change, the remaining functions of the Business Process Innovation Department, including innovative technology development support, will be transferred to the Technology Planning Department. As a result of these changes, the links between the Global Business Planning & Operations Headquarters and the Technology & Innovation Headquarters will be strengthened, paving the way for the advancement of innovations responding to global needs while keeping in step with market and technology trends.

Simultaneously, the Group's business promotion structure will also be strengthened. Until now the Domestic Business Division, serving the general handling activities of MHI's business to corporate bodies, has been responsible for product sales expansion support and other operations. From October, in order to forge a structure enabling more efficient business support especially to accommodate the increasing needs of domestic customers in their overseas business as more and more Japanese enterprises expand abroad, the Domestic Business Division will be renamed the "Group Business Promotion Division" and two new departments will be established within the division: an "Administration Department" and a "Corporation Business Department."

Through the various organizational changes elaborated above, the company will seek greater business competitiveness for the MHI Group as a whole, thereby accelerating global developments in the company's quest to become a highly profitable enterprise with a business scale of 5 trillion yen.

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