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MHI and Toyota Tsusho Jointly Receive Order for 3 Sets of 650 MW Supercritical Pressure Steam Turbines and Generators From Upper Egypt Electricity Production Company

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Tokyo, June 26, 2014 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) and Toyota Tsusho Corporation have jointly received an order from Upper Egypt Electricity Production Company (UEEPC) for 3 sets of 650 megawatt (MW) class supercritical pressure steam turbines and generators* for the South Helwan Supercritical Power Plant. The power generation facilities of the power plant, which will be one of the Egypt's largest thermal power plant, are scheduled to begin construction in May 2016 and go on-stream progressively starting in early 2018.

The South Helwan Supercritical Power Plant is to be constructed by UEEPC in Helwan, a city situated along the Nile River south of Cairo. Once in operation, this high-efficiency power plant, fired by natural gas and heavy oil, will respond to robust demand for electric power of the country, which is growing at an annual average rate of 7-8%, and contribute to the development of the country.

The 3 newly ordered sets of equipment will each consist of a steam turbine, power generator, condenser and other auxiliary equipment. MHI and Toyota Tsusho will comprehensively handle from their production, supply and installation to commissioning.

UEEPC is one of five power generation companies under the corporate umbrella of Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) and widely covers Cairo and its surrounding area.

Since 2002 when MHI/Toyota Tsusho team received a gas turbine power generation system order from Cairo Electricity Production Company (CEPC), another EEHC affiliate, the team has handled several large-scale thermal power plant projects in Egypt, including those for Middle Delta Electricity Production Company (MDEPC) and West Delta Electricity Production Company (WDEPC). MHI and Toyota Tsusho believe that these track records and its technological expertise have been highly acclaimed and contributed to the order-winning.

MHI is a manufacturer that comprehensively handles a variety of products and services in the field of power generation system, nuclear power, aircraft, defense and space systems, shipbuilding, transportation system and various industrial-use machinery and equipment. Of those businesses, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems has recently succeeded thermal power generation system business, and thereby will handle the project on order.

Since its first Egyptian order for power generation plant equipment in 1983, Toyota Tsusho has handled many power generation projects in Egypt, amounting more than 200 billion yen - the largest among Japanese companies in this field. Toyota Tsusho also positions Egypt as a county to be focused on and will further promote business development not only in the area of plant project but also automobile and chemical fields, in a quest to achieve the company's GLOBAL 2020 Vision.

MHI and Toyota Tsusho intend to further strengthen their aggressive marketing activities respectively in African countries, including Egypt, which economy is expected to expand continuously, to contribute their economic growth.

*Note: Collective power generation capacity: 1,950 MW. Supercritical turbines are engineered to operate at steam pressures above water's critical point: 22.1MPa (about 220 times greater than normal atmospheric pressure) and 374.2°C (705.2°F/647.15°K). In actual use, they operate in environments close to 250 atm and 600°C.

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