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MHI Launches New TV Commercial Set in Nagasaki,
City Where the Company Commenced Manufacturing in 1884
-- Film Portrays MHI's Passion and Pride in Manufacturing --


Tokyo, March 25, 2014 - On the occasion of its 130th anniversary since its founding, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has created a television commercial set in Nagasaki, the city where the company made its start. The theme of the commercial, which began airing on March 16, is "With these hands, we build." It interweaves the dreams of children, symbolic of the future, and MHI's deep sentiments toward manufacturing, portraying how the company's unchanging stance toward manufacturing supports people's dreams for tomorrow. Coordinated advertising activities have been simultaneously launched in magazines and on an MHI website.

July 7 will mark the 130th anniversary since MHI commenced shipbuilding operations on full scale in 1884 at publicly owned shipbuilding facilities in Nagasaki leased to the company by the Meiji Government's Ministry of Industry. In the years since those early beginnings, MHI has continuously pursued the vanguard of manufacturing in step with the growth of modern Japan. The passion and pride behind MHI's stance toward manufacturing are encapsulated in one of the excerpts from the TV commercial: "Our inspiration crosses the oceans. That's why we build. And why we continue to build."This commitment of MHI toward manufacturing will remain unchanged in the years ahead.

The commercial, focusing on children's dreams, was filmed entirely on location in Nagasaki. It begins, against the background of an original music soundtrack, showing a collage of smiling carefree, innocent faces of young children. In the second half, the scene shifts to welding being performed at the Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works, expressing MHI's identity as a company that, through technology and passion, creates the world of tomorrow. The commercial in Japanese was launched on TV Asahi network stations on March 16 and 23; further broadcast is scheduled for March 30.

Spurred onward by the celebration of its 130th anniversary, MHI will continue its quest to develop into a robust corporate group with a major global presence.

* Note: The English version of the new commercial will become available for viewing by the end of March, on the company's "Discover MHI" website.
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