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MHI to Establish New ICT Solution Headquarters
-- Target on Structure Enabling Incorporation of ICT into Company Products And Provision of More Advanced Solutions Services --


Tokyo, December 10, 2013 - On January 1, 2014 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) will establish a new "ICT Solution Headquarters" to oversee companywide information and communication technologies (ICT). Creation of the new unit is targeted at integrating the information and communication technologies that have been featured in its various products to date - communication network technologies, information processing technologies, etc. - as a way of further enhancing its overall product offerings. The ICT Solution headquarters will also target the development and expansion of business involving new, more advanced ICT solutions.

The ICT Solution Headquarters will be launched integrating IT-related departments of the Technology & Innovation Headquarters, the Nuclear Electrical, Instrumentation & Control Engineering Department of the Nuclear Energy Systems Division in the Energy & Environment domain, and the ITS-related strategic business units (SBU) of the Land Transportation Systems Division in the Commercial Aviation & Transportation Systems domain. The new unit will get under way with a staff of approximately 700, to be allocated primarily to the company's Head Office in Tokyo and the Kobe Shipyard & Machinery Works. Toshio Kodama; a member of the Board, Executive Vice President and Head of Technology & Innovation Headquarters, will concurrently serve as Head of ICT Solution Headquarters.

With ongoing progress in information and communication technologies, solution business that incorporates ICT advances – cloud computing, big data, etc. – is expanding sharply. MHI also accelerates to be involved in this area, as illustrated by its expansion into the smart community business, and establishment of the new organizational unit has two aims: to put in place a companywide ICT business support structure, and to integrate and share the technologies and development methods pertaining to MHI's individual products. In addition, by focusing the allocation of the company's ICT engineers, currently scattered among the various business areas, into only two main locations, MHI looks to form a structure that can respond smoothly and stably to expanding demand for human resources in existing business areas.

Realizing the establishment of the new ICT Solution Headquarters, MHI will further strengthen its initiatives in ICT solution business with the following three aims: 1) to enhance its information and communication technologies as they become increasingly important even within the company's existing business areas; 2) to make effective use of the company's expertise; and 3) to promote strategic alliances and M&As as a way of further strengthening the competitiveness of its products and business operations. With the new unit in place, MHI will accelerate the expansion of business areas incorporating ICT: not only smart communities, but also business involving the operation and maintenance of plants and products, smart air-conditioning systems, central operation of buildings and support services, area disaster prevention solutions, etc.