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MHI Releases 2013 "CSR Report"
-- Coinciding with Renovation of CSR Zone in M's Square Showroom at Shinagawa Head Office Building --


Tokyo, June 26, 2013 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) today released the 2013 Japanese-language edition of its annual "CSR Report," also referred to as the "MHI Social and Environmental Report." The release coincided with the completion of renovations to the CSR Zone in M's Square, the company's showroom located on the second floor of its Shinagawa Head Office Building in Tokyo.

The newest edition of the "CSR Report" was developed with an even greater emphasis on easy visual comprehension, its design reflecting views and suggestions received from a wide spectrum of stakeholders. The abridged version introduces information of strong interest to the public concisely, making effective use of photographs, tables, graphs, etc. A more detailed version is available on the MHI website to enable a deeper understanding of the company's CSR initiatives.

The 2013 "CSR Report" opens with an interview of MHI President Shunichi Miyanaga by Mayumi Matsumoto, a visiting assistant professor at The University of Tokyo who, after a career as a newscaster and reporter, is now involved in environmental and energy issues as a member of a nonprofit organization. Mr. Miyanaga speaks of MHI's commitment to leverage the company's comprehensive capabilities in manufacturing as a way of contributing to the realization of a sustainable society. He also presents an overview of MHI's energy and environmental business areas, including thermal and nuclear power generation.

In a special feature, the "CSR Report" introduces MHI's four initiatives targeting the resolution, through manufacturing, of social issues and MHI's response to the public's expectations of the company. Two examples of how MHI is solving the energy problem are cited: its large-scale offshore wind turbine generator and "MEGANINJA," a transportable power generation system configured like a container, driven by gas engine. Also introduced are the company's new urban transportation systems that are safer, more comfortable and more environmentally compatible than earlier systems, and its launch services by H-IIA and H-IIB rocket, an undertaking that is contributing to international development and use of outer space.

Other features of this year's "CSR Report" are an introduction by company employees to MHI's CSR activities, a discussion with company stakeholders, and highlights of MHI's CSR activities during the past year, presented using charts, etc. for easy understanding.

In the CSR Zone at M's Square, videos and graphic panels introducing the company's CSR activities have been changed in line with the content of the 2013 "CSR Report." A newly added feature is "wakamaru gift." MHI records the daily number of handshakes wakamaru has with visitors and based on a predetermined number makes monetary donations to the recovery support activities of the Tohoku region.

The 2013 "CSR Report" is the company's tenth to date, and the 13th when the earlier "Environmental Report" is included. It is distributed to shareholders, the media, governmental agencies, universities and business corporations, as well as to members of the public who request a copy. It is also available on the MHI corporate website ( An English version will be released in late September.


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