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MHI-MS Licenses Electrostatic Precipitator Technology
To Tecpro Systems of India


Tokyo, June 17, 2013 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Mechatronics Systems, Ltd. (MHI-MS), a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), has concluded an agreement with Tecpro Systems Limited (Tecpro), an Indian firm mainly engaged in material and ash handling systems and balance of plant (BoP) equipment, under which MHI-MS is to provide electrostatic precipitator (EP) technology to the Indian licensee. The licensing arrangement targets collaborative and proactive exploration of local demand for high-performance EPs, which are now marking growth in tandem with India's increasing number of new coal-fired power plants and ironworks.

Under the agreement, MHI-MS will provide Tecpro with technology related to EP engineering, procurement and construction (EPC). With this advanced technology, Tecpro aims to accommodate a wide variety of EP needs in India, including such applications as coal-fired boilers for power generation or industrial uses and incorporation into production processes at ironworks.

Tecpro's head office is located in Chennai. Since its establishment in 1990, the company has achieved steady business expansion by aggressively introducing overseas technologies: for example, coal unloading and conveying systems and large-size blowers. The company has established a solid position in its Indian market as an EPC company in the BoP field, having already delivered numerous systems and equipment on a turnkey basis to local power plants and ironworks.

Based on its Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012-2017), India is currently undertaking many power plant and ironworks construction projects. In tandem with the new plant constructions, environmental protection regulations are expected to be strengthened, resulting in increasing demand for high-performance EPs. MHI-MS has for some time sought to establish a solid EP business foothold in India; Tecpro meanwhile has been pursuing business expansion. The intentions and needs of the two companies have thus meshed and led to the licensing agreement.

MHI-MS is a wholly owned subsidiary of MHI launched in October 2009 through the merger of five companies, all fully owned by MHI. MHI-MS performs a full gamut of operations relating to water treatment and dust collection systems, urban development products and test/inspection systems, from development, design and manufacture to installation and after-sale servicing. In the area of EPs, MHI-MS has secured its technological expertise from MHI, based on the latter's vast delivery records in Japan around the world since the 1960's.

Going forward MHI-MS will continue its quest for global business expansion through the establishment of close relationships with local partners in focused markets overseas and the provision of locally optimized technologies and services.

                         [EP system delivered to Map Ta Phut coal-fired power plant in Thai]              

[Office building of Tecpro Systems Limited]


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