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MHI Installs Chief Regional Officers in Latin America and Asia-Pacific
-- Target on Enhancing Regional Strategies for All Company Operations --


Tokyo, August 7, 2012 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has decided to install Chief Regional Officers to serve as its Group representatives in the Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions. In their positions the new Chief Regional Officers will determine how operations in their respective regions should be managed. Through creation of the posts MHI aims to enhance its marketing capabilities by strengthening its relationships with government agencies and important customers in the two regions and by further advancing cross-functional coordination among its various business operations. The Chief Regional Officers will also provide support in formulating locally rooted regional strategies and in achieving swift decision-making. The new framework is also designed to streamline corporate services to Group companies operating in the two regions.

Effective September 1, Yoshihiko Aihara, General Manager of the Machinery & Steel Infrastructure Systems business division, will be transferred to Mitsubishi Indústrias Pesadas do Brasil Ltda. to begin his assignment as the first Chief Regional Officer of Latin America. The post of Chief Regional Officer of Asia-Pacific operations will be filled, effective October 1, by Yukinori Horiguchi, Senior Vice President and Deputy Head of Global Strategic Planning & Operations Headquarters. His duties will be carried out based in Singapore.

The Asia-Pacific region today is MHI's most important market. The company has completed numerous deliveries here to date: from social infrastructure components such as power and chemical plants and transportation systems, to plant-use power generation systems, machine tools and commodities including air-conditioners. Operations are conducted over a wide area, supported by numerous production bases in the region. The new Chief Regional Officer will seek to understand the needs of the region's governments and corporate enterprises, and will pursue locally grounded business operations leveraging its local production bases.

MHI enjoys a long relationship with the Latin America region and has an abundant delivery track record here too, especially in power generation systems, environmental and steelmaking plants, and mass- and medium-lot manufactured machinery such as forklift trucks and engines. In Brazil, which boasts this region's largest economic scale, as far back as 1963 the company took CBC Indústrias Pesadas S.A. under its corporate umbrella, and today that firm has grown into the country's largest boiler manufacturer. In addition, in 2007 MHI established MHI Sul Americana Distribuidora de Motores Ltda. (MSA) as a base for expanding engine sales.

Enhancing the company's global expansion capacity is the prime task incorporated into MHI's 2012 Medium-Term Business Plan (2012-2014). With the installment of Chief Regional Officers in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific, the company looks to work even more closely with its Group companies in those regions and contribute significantly to the regions' economic and infrastructural development.

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