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MHI Releases 2012 "CSR Report"
-- Coinciding with Formulation of "MHI Environmental Vision 2030" --


Tokyo, June 21, 2012 - On June 21 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) released the 2012 (Japanese-language) edition of its annual "CSR Report" describing how CSR - corporate social responsibility - forms the core of the company's business creed and how the company is committed to applying its broad-based capabilities in manufacturing (monozukuri) to contribute to the future of the Earth and all its inhabitants. Simultaneously the company also revealed its newly formulated "MHI Environmental Vision 2030," a document expressing MHI's commitment to contribute, through the products, technologies and total solutions of its Group companies, to the sustainable development of the global community, including protection of the environment.

The "MHI Environmental Vision 2030" sets corporate targets for the year 2030 based on the company's recognition of the need to achieve the "3E's" - energy security, environmental protection and economic growth – simultaneously in order to realize a sustainable future. The company articulates its pledges in the various aspects of its energy and environmental technologies and business fields: namely, making, storing, distributing and using power and exploring for new resources. It also lists 17 specific objectives divided according to their applications on land, at sea, in the air, or in space.

The 2012 CSR Report, subtitled the "MHI Social and Environmental Report," opens with a discussion between MHI President Hideaki Omiya and Yoko Takeda, an economist who proactively forwards policy proposals from the standpoint of the private sector. Mr. Omiya explains the company's position focused on expanding business related to energy and the environment, and describes MHI's strong determination to apply its technologies in social infrastructure to contributing to resolution of issues of global scale, such as those relating to transportation and logistics systems, and food and water. Mr. Omiya also introduces that MHI has declared its corporate stance in the format of its "Environmental Vision."

The CSR Report also introduces a discussion with stakeholders in the context of the "Environmental Vision." In this feature three experts voice their expectations and requests of the MHI Group regarding the environmental compatibility of its manufacturing processes and plants and the quest for epochmaking technological breakthroughs. The company's views are expressed in response to these experts' inquiries.

Three special features are incorporated into the CSR Report in line with the MHI Group's CSR Action Guidelines. These respectively introduce the energy and environmental solutions MHI is providing in harmony with the local characteristics of various regions worldwide, construction by MHI of fertilizer plants as a way of contributing to resolution of the world's food problems, and MHI's initiatives toward realizing smart communities in which all city systems are optimized. A report is also presented outlining the MHI Group's response to the disasters associated with the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011.

Other reports detail the current status of MHI's responsibilities and actions called for in order to advance CSR initiatives forward: for example, its achievements relating to corporate governance, compliance, environmental management, environmental accounting, management of chemical substances, etc. Detailed reports are also presented on how MHI is taking steps to meet the needs of its diverse stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, investors, business partners, employees, local communities and society as a whole.

The 2012 CSR Report is the company's ninth to date, and the 12th when the earlier "Environmental Report" is included. It is distributed to shareholders, the media, governmental agencies, universities, business corporations, etc., and is also available on the MHI corporate website ( An English version will be released in early October.

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