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Tamachi Building Co. Invites Nursery School Children to Strawberry Picking At Company's Rooftop Garden
-- Offering Fun Learning Opportunity about Environment as CSR Activity --

Tamachi Building Co., Ltd.,
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Tokyo, May 28, 2012 - Tamachi Building Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) dedicated to office building services, invited children of a nearby nursery school for a strawberry picking event on the rooftop garden of a company building in central Tokyo. The event, held to make a social contribution under the MHI group's CSR (corporate social responsibility) guidelines, provided the youngsters an opportunity to learn about environmental issues through a familiar and enjoyable activity. The occasion marked the third strawberry picking to date and the sixth event of this kind since November 2009, also including three sweet potato digs held in autumn every year. As the strawberry picking was also attended by people from the local community, it enabled the company to further promote exchanges with its neighbors.

[Strawberry picking]
The garden where the event took place is situated on the roof of the Dai Ichi Tamachi Building, directly across from East Japan Railway's Tamachi Station in Minato-ku. Since May 2009 an area of 219 square meters (m2) of the rooftop (approx. 2,600m2) has been used as a garden as part of a program to achieve full-fledged rooftop greening in the near future. The initiative is linked to Minato-ku's greening campaign, which targets a green space ratio of 25% by 2026.

Within the rooftop garden, a 21.5m2 vegetable garden has been used for cultivation of 54 strawberry seedlings of three varieties. The strawberries, which are highly popular among children and suitable for garden farming from winter to spring, were planted after the company's sweet potato dig last autumn. The remainder of the garden is being utilized primarily for planting grass, flowers and evergreens.

At the latest event, ten participating nursery school children first learned about the rooftop garden system and its benefits through easy-to-understand explanations using photos and drawings. They then enjoyed picking - and eating - the strawberries. When the event was finished, they each left with a pack of their remaining pickings to take home.

Tamachi Building, a wholly owned subsidiary of MHI, was established in 1964 to own, rent out and manage office buildings. The company also conducts various activities reflecting MHI's CSR guidelines and environmental policies in line with a business philosophy calling for the provision of services enabling safe and comfortable building spaces.

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