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MHI Wins Orders for State-of-the-Art "M501J" Gas Turbines from Korea
-- 10 Units Total in Response to World's Highest Efficiency and Capacity --


Tokyo, March 22, 2012 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has received a series of orders for its state-of-the-art "M501J" gas turbines, ten units in total, for installation at four power plants in Korea. The plants are large-scale natural-gas-fired gas turbine combined-cycle (GTCC) power generation facilities with generation capacities ranging from near 950 to 1,900 megawatts (MW). MHI's J-Series gas turbines have achieved the world's highest level of thermal efficiency and the highest output. MHI believes this outstanding performance was highly evaluated by the customers, leading to its winning of the multiple orders.

["J-Series" gas turbine]
The ten gas turbines on order consist of two units each for the Yulchon 2, 2nd-Pyeongtaek and Ulsan 4 power plants and four units for the Dongducheon power plant. All of these GTCC plants, which will have a collective power generation capacity reaching near 4,750 MW, are to be newly constructed.

Yulchon 2 is a near 950 MW power plant being built in Jeollanam-do by MPC Yulchon Generation Co., Ltd., a group company of Meiya Power Company Limited (MPC). MPC is an independent power producer (IPP) based in Hong Kong. MHI received an order for two gas turbines, a steam turbine, two heat recovery steam generators and three generators.
The 2nd-Pyeongtaek, also a near 950 MW power plant, is being built in Gyeonggi-do by Korea Western Power Co., Ltd. (KOWEPO), a subsidiary of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO). MHI has received an order, jointly with Marubeni Corporation, for two gas turbines, a steam turbine and generators.

For the near 1,900 MW Dongducheon power plant, MHI received an order, also jointly with Marubeni, consisting of four gas turbines, two steam turbines and generators. Dongducheon Dream Power Co., Ltd., an IPP jointly established by KOWEPO, Samsung C&T Corporation and Hyundai Development Company, is building the plant in Gyeonggi-do. It will deliver the core components to Samsung C&T and Hyundai Development.

For the near 950 MW Ulsan 4 power plant operated by Korea East-West Power Company, a subsidiary of KEPCO, in Ulsan Metropolitan City, MHI received an order jointly with Daelim Industrial Co, Ltd. for two gas turbines, a steam turbine and generators.

For each of the four orders received, MHI will supply the gas and steam turbines and Mitsubishi Electric will provide the generators.

The 60 hertz (Hz) M501J gas turbine was developed in the spring of 2009 incorporating MHI's proprietary technologies. It has realized the world's highest efficiency and power generation capacity in a system of this type, having achieved the world's highest turbine inlet temperature of 1,600 degrees Celsius (°C). MHI has already received an order for six units from Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. and delivered the first unit last December to its Himeji No.2 Power Station currently under construction. The six units will sequentially go on-stream from 2013. The order from Korea marks the first for the J-Series gas turbine from overseas. The turbines to be delivered to Korea are slated to begin GTCC operation sequentially beginning in 2014.

GTCC is a high-efficiency power generation system that uses gas and steam turbines in combination, utilizing high-temperature exhaust gas from the gas turbine to produce steam to drive the steam turbine. This configuration results in higher thermal efficiency enabling reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) relative to electricity generation, thereby contributing to environmental protection. Current stabilization of natural gas supply - an outgrowth of advances in technology to extract shale gas - has also spurred global interest in large-scale GTCC systems, which enable provision of electricity economically after a relatively short construction period.

Gaining momentum from the successive Korean orders, going forward MHI will further strengthen its aggressive order-taking activities for the M501J gas turbines as well as for the companion M701J, a 50Hz model.
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