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MHI to Establish Advanced Mechanical Systems Department
Integrating Business Related to State-of-the-Art Accelerators


Tokyo, February 27, 2012 - Effective April 1, 2012, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) will establish a new Advanced Mechanical Systems Department under the direct oversight of its Machinery & Steel Infrastructure Systems business headquarters, through consolidation and integration of accelerator-related business operations which are currently dispersed between the Transportation Systems & Advanced Technology Division and the Industrial Machinery Business, Technology & Solutions Division. By integrating business relating to accelerator components for national projects and business involving system products incorporating accelerators, e.g. radiation therapy equipment, MHI aims to expand its operations in accelerator systems by applying related technologies to the commercial sector and developing overseas business. Through this initiative the company looks to form a solid structure capable of coping with changes in the business environment, targeting business expansion through entry into new markets and stabilization of business in this area.

The products and technologies to be consolidated and integrated include normal and super-conductive accelerators; radiation therapy equipment; laser welders and cutters; systems applying accelerator tubes, e.g. electron beam sterilization systems and hazardous material detection systems; and organic EL (electroluminescence) production equipment. Until now these products and technologies and have been handled individually by the Transportation Systems & Advanced Technology Division in Kobe and Mihara, and the Industrial Machinery Business, Technology & Solutions Division in Hiroshima.

Sales and marketing functions, which have been spread across the company's various business segments, will be consolidated in Tokyo. Technology and design work, which the Transportation Systems & Advanced Technology Division in Kobe currently handles, will be integrated at Mihara. The activities of Mihara and Hiroshima will be managed comprehensively as a way of enhancing business efficiency.

Until now MHI has pursued the development of a dynamic business structure that would enable effective management of diverse products and businesses in line with their respective characteristics. Now the company is reorganizing its operational management from a conventional two-track (segment- and plant-based) structure to a single, unified segment-based structure. Simultaneously it is also establishing new companies dedicated to specific products and/or business areas. Creation of the new Advanced Mechanical Systems Department is part of this initiative. Through these efforts MHI looks to achieve steady business expansion and more consolidated management.


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