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MHI to Launch 17 Models of Residential-use Air Conditioners
Offering "Energy Saving through Technology"


Tokyo, February 23, 2012 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) will sequentially launch 17 new models of residential-use air conditioners in the domestic Japanese market commencing in late March. The new models offer powerful air cleaning capability achieved via two innovative features: "plasma 4D ions," a function in which indoor air is cleaned and sterilized by blowing negative ions from the indoor units; and "bio-clear operation," an operating mode that suppresses and sterilizes viruses and germs in the unit through use of enzymes and other means.

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All 17 models will emerge in line with the company's corporate commitment to promote energy saving through technology for tomorrow's needs. The new offerings will include five models in the high-end "RSN Series," which feature rated cooling capacities ranging from 2.2 kilowatts (kW) to 4.0kW, seven models in the high-performance "RN Series," with capacities between 2.2kW and 4.4kW, and seven models in the standard "TN Series," with capacities in the 2.2kW-5.6kW range.

A number of innovative proprietary technologies and functions have been incorporated into the new air conditioners in response to increasing energy-saving awareness. The RSN Series, for example, adopts a newly developed high-performance twin rotary compressor, a high-efficiency heat exchanger, and a vector control PAM (pulse amplitude modulation) inverter. Collectively these features enhance energy-saving capability significantly.

To complement the cleaner air enabled by the adoption of plasma 4D ions and bio-clear operation, an automatic filter cleaning function boosts energy saving by preventing deterioration in air-conditioning efficiency. Other energy-saving functions of the RSN Series include: "area air-conditioning," in which the user is offered a choice of 16 air control patterns; "comfortable dehumidification," which prevents overcooling; and "eco-operation," which provides optimal temperature control while simultaneously saving energy by monitoring the room and outside temperatures and humidity using three sensors.

In addition to "bio-clear operation," all of the 17 new models are also equipped with "jet air scroll," which uses jet airstream technology to produce large volumes of air without consuming too much power, "warp drive," which provides quick air-conditioning, and a "power-save" function.

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