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MHI-TES Develops Transmissive Platform Door System
Offering Flexible Compatibility with 2-4 Door Train Cars
-- Design Innovations Enable Shorter Installation Time --


Tokyo, November 16, 2011- Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Transportation Equipment Engineering & Service Co., Ltd. (MHI-TES), a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), has developed a "Transmissive Multi-door Compatible Platform Door" system, made of transparent material, capable of flexibly accommodating the operation of trains with varying numbers (2 to 4) of doors per car. The company will start marketing activities on November 16. Use of transparent material throughout the system creates a pleasing sense of open space within the station while simultaneously providing passenger safety. Significantly, the system enables opening and closing of doors at different points according to the door locations of specific car types - a difficulty that has long impeded more widespread adoption of platform door systems.

[Transmissive Multi-door Compatible  Platform Door]
Platform door systems are installed between the train platform and rail track to prevent passengers from falling from the platform or accidentally contacting with trains. The platform door system developed by MHI-TES uses transparent reinforced glass and fireproof polycarbonate for doors and door casings. This significantly improved visibility from both the platform and the car provides for enhanced safety. Free combination of three door panel types - with or without door casing, and with an emergency door - enables flexible opening and closing of platform doors as necessary for 2-door, 3-door or 4-door train cars.

The door system developed by MHI-TES also requires less installation time as its light-weight pre-fabricated components can be easily carried by hands to the site and are optimally designed for quick assembly and installation. To secure adequate strength, the system adopts high-tensile aluminum alloy that allows the system to withstand horizontal loads up to 2,450N/m (newtons per meter), sufficient to cope with a heavy congestion of passengers while also reducing the weight load on pre-existing platforms. The door system is also available with various functional options, including obstacle sensors and displays for advertisements or information guidance.

MHI-TES's main business areas consist of after-sale service for transportation systems supplied by MHI worldwide, and design, manufacture, marketing, installation and after-sale servicing of transportation-related and industrial machinery. MHI-TES already has an abundant track record in the delivery of platform door systems for subways and urban transportation systems in Japan. Gaining momentum from the introduction of the new platform door system, going forward the company will now further strengthen its aggressive marketing activities.

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