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MHI to Participate in International Collaboration Program to Develop
PW1100G-JM Engine for Airbus A320neo


Tokyo, September 28, 2011 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) will participate in the development of PW1100G-JM, a next-generation engine for the A320neo, a single-aisle aircraft which Airbus is developing with the aim of entering into service from 2015. MHI's participation is based on an agreement between Japan Aero Engines Corporation (JAEC)* together with Pratt & Whitney (P&W), a division of United Technologies Corporation of the U.S., and MTU Aero Engines Holding AG(MTU) of Germany, which signed on September 16, to jointly develop the PW1100G-JM engine. MHI will be responsible for the combustors and diffuser cases which accounts for about 2.3% of the program.

P&W, JAEC and MTU have also been partners in International Aero Engines' (IAE) V2500 program, a project to provide engines for Airbus's best-selling A320 Family. In the latest joint project for PW1100G-JM, JAEC will be responsible for the fans, low-pressure compressors and combustor/diffuser, a 23% share of the program. MTU will handle the low pressure turbines and participate jointly with P&W for the high-pressure compressors and a portion of engine final assembly and test (18%). P&W will take charge of the remainder of the engine, including high pressure turbines and system integration.

The A320neo is a next-generation single-aisle aircraft launched in December 2010 by Airbus, which introduces next-generation engines to provide remarkable fuel savings and enhanced environmental efficiency to the A320 Family. PW1100G-JM is a geared turbo fan (GTF) engine that uses an advanced gear system allowing the engine's fan to operate at a different speed from the low-pressure compressor and turbine. The combination of the gear system, an advanced composite material technology, and an all-new advanced core delivers double-digit improvements in fuel efficiency and reduction in gas emissions and engine noise.

MHI and Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation are currently developing Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ), a family of 70- to 90-seat next-generation regional jets which will offer both top-class operational economy and outstanding cabin comfort. Mitsubishi Aircraft has also decided to adopt GTF engine with a design similar to PW1100G-JM for the MRJ.

Going forward MHI endeavors to expand and enhance its commercial aero engine business through continuous investment in engines for the 100- to 229-seat single-aisle aircraft, the largest commercial airplane market.

JAEC is a consortium, consisting of three Japanese companies: IHI Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and MHI, and has approximately 30 years’ experience in international collaboration for commercial aero engine development.


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