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MHI Develops Plano Type 5-face Machining Center, "MVR-5X,"
Suitable for Processing of Free-form Curved Surfaces
- Adoption of Attachment with 2 Spindles Enables Wider Applications -


Tokyo, March 11, 2011 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has developed a new 5-face plano miller type machining center*1, the "MVR-5X," suitable for machining of free-form curved surfaces such as aircraft parts and metallic molds. Plano miller type machining centers form the mainstream among large-size machine tools. Through adoption of an optional 2-spindle device attachable to the main spindle, the MVR-5X enables users to select either simultaneously controlled 5-face machining or regular 3-face machining according to the work desired, thereby offering users a broader range of potential applications. The new machine will be presented at the "Mitsubishi Large-size Machine Tools Fair," a private preview show to be held by the company's Machine Tool Division on March 17 and 18 in Ritto, Shiga Prefecture. Simultaneously MHI also will launch the machine's full-scale marketing.

The MVR-5X is the newest model in the "MVR Series," a lineup MHI introduced to the market in 2003 whose product portfolio has undergone progressive expansion. The adoption of an attachment device with two spindles - one slant-angled to the main spindle (B-axis) and the other right-angled to the main spindle at the spindle head (C-axis) - set to the main spindle enables simultaneous control of 5-axes, in addition to regular X-, Y- and Z-axis control. With the attachment, the MVR-5X is capable of performing arbitrary angle machining that enables machining of any desired angle at any desired spot, besides regular machining by the main spindle.

The two axes of the 2-spindle attachment deliver a maximum spindle speed of 15,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) and a rated spindle motor power output of 15 kilowatts (kW); maximum motor power output is 22 kW with a duty factor of 25%ED*2. The unit is designed to provide a wide range of spindle axis angles, enabling machining work at the desired face angle. The slant angle of the B-axis can be set within a range of plus or minus 92 degrees against the main spindle axis, while the C-axis's swivel angle can be set within a plus or minus 200 degree range. By minimizing the size of the attachment, an easy-to-operate structure has been achieved. Independent automatic changers for the attachments and tools enable quick changeover, thus contributing to enhanced productivity. The machine is also equipped with a scale feedback function, for high-precision positioning.

While demand for 5-face machining centers has been increasing, especially in the aircraft manufacturing industry, the number of users who use a 5-face machining as their core system in actual operation is still limited. Meanwhile, the number of users who look to expand their high-value-added machining work requiring 5-face machining, in addition to regular machining, is rising. Also, users who do not need 5-face machining but require arbitrary angle machining are increasing. The MVR-5X has been newly developed to respond to the desires of all these users.

The first MVR-5X unit will be delivered to Akaba Seisakusho in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, a company that undertakes precision machining of machine parts.

With the introduction of the MVR-5X, going forward MHI will now ratchet up its activities for expanding its customer base by exploring demand for wide-ranging, versatile use of a machining center - everything from conventional 5-face machining to simultaneous 5-face machining and arbitrary angle machining.

1.The plano miller type machining center is an extra-large machine tool that combines the functions of a very large milling machine and a machining center, performing different types of machining work by one machine.
2.Duty factor is the ratio of machine use calculated by dividing in-operation time by the sum of in-operation and non-operation time. ED stands for the German word Einschaltdauer (duty cycle). A duty cycle of 25%ED means operation with maximum power is possible for 2.5 minutes within a total duration of 10 minutes.